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A project to design the Sysel programming language and tools to enable the development of the multi-server operating system HelenOS at an adequate level of abstraction. Sysel is a high-level object-oriented language, statically typed, with generics and automatic memory management. Sysel aims to support contemporary concepts such as dynamic linking and distributed computing.

Sysel is an independent experiment. The HelenOS project made no decision or commitment to use Sysel.

The first phase consisted of developing Sysel Bootstrap Interpreter (SBI) an interpreter of Sysel written in C, while simultaneously refining the language design. While the primary purpose of SBI is to bootstrap a native Sysel compiler (writen in Sysel), it should still be relatively rich in features and run under both POSIX-compliant systems and HelenOS. SBI still has some missing features, but it is complete enough to be used for the second phase.

In the current, second, phase NNPS (en: Native Sysel Compiler Toolkit) is being developed. NNPS is written in Sysel itself. The prime feature of this toolkit is a Sysel compiler. NNPS development is now in progress. Parser is complete, static typing (alias semantic analysis) is complete except for generics.

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