Version 1.3 pre-beta

Written for TakOS by JB Aubort on 2008-10-28

The new 1.3 version is out, with a few changes as applications are now handled by Protocol Buffers, new Js load method.
The beta is coming probably in less than a week.
Stay tuned !

Here is the complete changelog:
 * Load modules rebuilded, now in two phases. Core then modules.
 * Basically work with Chrome
 * configuration file added
 * PB: Proto Buffers are implemented for Application
 * PB: Debug in server.php
 * Menu: better loading
 * Menu: update method, to rebuild apps list
 * Reorganize server.php inclusion (with path option)
 * Better fx
 * Some Tweaks everywhere

Updated on 2008-10-28.

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