Tarmac tarmac-0.4 "Dog Problems"

Release of Tarmac 0.4

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Dog Problems
Paul Hummer
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6 Paul Hummer, 8 dobey
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All plugins work
Commit message plugin allows more variables
New vote plugin for enforcing review count rules
Author list is now set correctly
Merge failure handling refactored and cleaned up

0 blueprints and 14 bugs targeted

Bug report Importance Assignee Status
610133 #610133 Tarmac doesn't alert when there are unmerged revisions 2 Critical dobey  10 Fix Released
617689 #617689 Verify Command plugin explodes when tree_dir isn't set 2 Critical Paul Hummer  10 Fix Released
607891 #607891 Hooks for branch level plug-ins 3 High dobey  10 Fix Released
609284 #609284 tags aren't propogating 3 High Paul Hummer  10 Fix Released
609783 #609783 New cleanup code doesn't have the cwd correct when calling os.remove 3 High Paul Hummer  10 Fix Released
614043 #614043 CIA.vc plugin references proposal.owner 3 High Paul Hummer  10 Fix Released
617692 #617692 Re-raising exceptions in Tarmac hides the real exception 3 High Paul Hummer  10 Fix Released
633936 #633936 tarmac.tests.test_branch fails in its entirety with bzr 2.2 on Lucid 3 High dobey  10 Fix Released
633937 #633937 Exceptions raised in plugins can crash Tarmac 3 High dobey  10 Fix Released
634203 #634203 bugresolver and recipebuilder plug-ins need unit tests 3 High dobey  10 Fix Released
641392 #641392 Generalized Merge Failure Handling 3 High dobey  10 Fix Released
609279 #609279 add clean-tree option 4 Medium Paul Hummer  10 Fix Released
397853 #397853 Tarmac sets the author list incorrectly 5 Low dobey  10 Fix Released
426394 #426394 Tarmac should automatically close bugs on merge of the linked branch 6 Wishlist dobey  10 Fix Released
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