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A suite of financial accounting and other systems developed primarily for the South African market.

Tartan is a suite of financial accounting modules written in Python using PyGTk as the gui. It is licensed under the GPL and supports the Postgresql, MySQL and SQLite database engines.

The suite at present consists of the following modules:

  General Ledger
  Creditors Ledger
  Debtors Ledger
  Stores Ledger
  Sales Invoicing
  Assets Register
  Members Ledger
  Rentals Ledger
  Salaries and Wages (South Africa)
  Staff Loans

The system is based on strict double sided accounting principles and fully supports multi-company transactions and reporting. Each subsidiary module can be run independently or integrated with the General Ledger.

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Paul Malherbe
Paul Malherbe

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4.1 series is the current focus of development.

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Latest version is 4.1.10
released on 2013-08-25

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