Taverna Server 2.5.4

Updated to use release version (2.5.0) of Taverna Execution Platform.

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Taverna Server
Donal Fellows
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download icon usage.pdf (md5) User Manual 1,906
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download icon install.pdf (md5) Installation Guide 2,056
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download icon TavernaServer-2.5.4.war (md5) Deployable WAR 6,701
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Release notes 

Taverna 2.5.4 Server Release Notes

This is the fourth public release of Taverna 2.5 Server. We welcome feedback
on both the things that are there and the things that are not.

Key Features
 * Runs arbitrary Taverna 2 workflows
   * Based on Taverna 2.5 Workflow Engine
   * Includes support for Components and Interaction processors
 * REST and SOAP interfaces
   * All functionality available through both interfaces
 * Manages files for workflows
   * Make files, read files, delete files
   * Create subdirectories, list directory contents
   * Can download a whole directory structure as a ZIP
 * Tidies up when workflow runs expire
   * Expiry time fully configurable
   * Can force immediate deletion of a workflow run
 * Generates Run Bundles
   * Contains formal description of the workflow run, designed for sharing, including the inputs, outputs and provenance trace
 * Security
   * Encrypted communication supported
   * Multiple users
     * Users isolated from each other (via sudo)
     * Workflows isolated from server
     * Users may grant access to other users
   * Specify credentials for workflows to access back-end services
 * Notification framework
   * Inform users when workflows terminate
     * Many protocols: Atom feed, email, SMS, Twitter, Jabber
 * Management interface
   * Administrative access to all server's tunable parameters
     * Authenticated web interface, JMX
   * Usage monitoring/accounting
 * General quality improvements
   * Improved speed
   * Improved robustness
     * State can persist over (limited) server restarts
   * Improved installation
     * Self-contained server package
   * Support for transfer of large data files

Significant Changes
 * Supports full Taverna 2.5.0 Enterprise execution platform
 * Now requires Java 7

Planned Future Features
 * Support for Cluster Deployment
 * Full WebDAV access to run working directory

Specific Issues Addressed in This Release
See http://www.mygrid.org.uk/dev/issues/browse/TAVSERV

TAVSERV-5 Need to detect interactive localworkers
TAVSERV-76 Support user-supplied functionality
TAVSERV-283 Invocation is spelt as invokation in the admin interface
TAVSERV-293 A HEAD or OPTIONS to the wsdl address returns a 500 error
TAVSERV-301 Interaction feed address is not a full URI
TAVSERV-309 Failure in getRunOutputDescription SOAP operation
TAVSERV-310 Support OPTIONS in main interface
---- 2.5.0 release ----
TAVSERV-219 Some server errors are reported as 403 when 500 is more appropriate
TAVSERV-290 Support restricting what URLs to use workflows from
TAVSERV-307 Users created through the admin web interface are not properly set up in "insecure" mode
TAVSERV-321 Interaction service internal bug
TAVSERV-322 Atom feed updated timestamp being rounded down
TAVSERV-325 Can't create run with long default name
TAVSERV-326 Log concatenation
TAVSERV-328 An OPTIONS request to any resource produces incorrect headers
---- 2.5.1 release ----
TAVSERV-42 Provenance: Access and Lifetime
TAVSERV-44 Managing Workflow Instances
TAVSERV-69 Provenance: core
TAVSERV-297 Running instance of Taverna Server 2.4.1 hangs after a while; submitting a new workflow using REST API results in "HTTP 403 Permission denied"
---- 2.5.2 release ----
TAVSERV-329 Master feed broken
TAVSERV-332 Massively degraded performance of 2.5.2
---- 2.5.3 release ----
    Updated to use Taverna 2.5.0 Enterprise Execution Core
TAVSERV-103 Generated WSDL interface incorrectly claims that parameters are optional
TAVSERV-331 Add an option for the provenance export using the new -provbundle command line tool switch
TAVSERV-336 Support splitting inputs
TAVSERV-337 RMI registry subprocess race condition
SERVINF-395 Fix race condition in XML parsing
---- 2.5.4 release ----


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* d285a5f Ensure that we apply patches to the correct directory.
* 88716a8 TAVSERV-103: Mark non-optional parameters as non-optional; now that we are using Java 7, JAXB 2.2 supports that.
* e20667d Feature was implemented, but not listed in release notes (forgot to close issue)
* feaa3ad Advance the build version
* cb956ed Last remaining version numbers updates
* 937d6e7 Documentation updates
* 9299a52 Update version numbers and release notes.
* 0802c0f Switch to release version of clt
* fde9938 Merge branch 'experimental/java7' into 2.5-branch
| * 6ce771d Use JSR 305 nullability assertions instead of findbugs ones.
| * 80bbbe9 Merge branch '2.5-branch' into experimental/java7
| |\
| * | 867242f Use Java 7 idioms.
* | | 1262673 URI not Uriā€¦
| |/
* | 71eb1e6 Merge branch 'experimental/input-delimiter' into 2.5-branch
|\ \
| * | 3859af0 Also handle empty delimiter in SOAP.
| * | be2723e Empty delimiter is same as undelimited.
| |/
| * ef0aeb0 SOAP API changes.
| * ef9a289 Expose delimiter control through the REST interface.
| * 974751b Expose delimiter control from the worker.
| * 4715363 Make ports in descriptors be XML IDs
| * 8569b22 Updated input description document
* | 91f7bcf Bump the version numbers.
* | 61996cc TAVSERV-337: Ensure that the RMI registry is started before the overall service becomes available.
* d004cfc Provenance generation flag should be a real boolean.
* 58fa8e9 Remove reference to property names no longer exposed.
* 40732cf SERVINF-395: Fix race condition in XML parsing.
* 196a42e Minor doc fix.

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