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0.98 (temperation) release from the trunk series released 2015-09-07

Release information
Release notes:

It's been a couple years since 0.97, high time for a new release!

This release brings a slew of enhancements and bug fixes. Much
attention is given to layout configuration functionality and
customization. Tabs functionality is better polished; there were many
corner case type bugs here. The preferences UI (which includes the vast
bulk of the applications' widgetry) is better polished and numerous
quirks and bugs removed. Scrollbars and scrolling is also made more
solid in this release.

One of the principle goals for this release was conversion to Gtk3.
Unfortunately this is still a work in progress, but since progress on
that front is slow, we decided getting an interim release out with all
these improvements was probably more important than waiting until the
conversion was finish...


  * Features
    * Layout launcher with option or shortcut (Steve Boddy)
    * An all-new manual! Default to F1 key (Steve Boddy)
    * An initial separate port to gtk3 is available for the brave, which
      is having all trunk changes applied to it while the issues get
      shaken out (Egmont Koblinger & Steve Boddy)
  * Enhancements
    * Layout launcher reloads config when opened to be sure it has the
      latest layouts (Steve Boddy)
    * Reload the config before we write to it or we could overwrite
      something from another instance (Steve Boddy)
    * When saving, a layout now remembers:
      * maximised and fullscreen status (Steve Boddy)
      * window titles (Steve Boddy, LP#1192960)
      * which tab was active (Steve Boddy)
      * which terminal was active (Steve Boddy, LP#858268)
      * working directory for each terminal (MoMaT, LP#1157422) plus
        additional GUI code (Steve Boddy)
    * Add vertical scrollbar to the layout launcher and make mouse
      wheel scrolling work (Steve Boddy)
    * Add vertical scrollbars to the Profiles and Layouts tabs in
      Preferences (Steve Boddy, LP#1396843)
    * Add options for non-homogenous tabs and scroll arrows (Grizzly
    * Add shortcuts for scrolling up/down by line/half-page/page
      (nanikata, LP#332267)
    * Improve consistency of Custom Commands menu (David Caro, LP#684340)
    * New distinct icons for non terminal windows (Steve Boddy)
    * Active terminal per tab is remembered (Steve Boddy, LP#315956)
    * Add shortcuts/code to toggle All/Tab grouping (Steve Boddy,
    * Improve watcher plugin (Joseph Crosland) with additional fixup
      (Steve Boddy)
    * Add Ctrl+MouseWheel Zoom in/out and Shift+MouseWheel page scroll
      up/down (Steve Boddy)
    * Add Ctrl+Shift+MouseWheel and Ctrl+Super+MouseWheel to zoom
      receivers or all terminals (Steve Boddy)
    * Add search bar wrap toggle (Christophe Bourez)
    * Add default broadcast behaviour selection (Jiri, LP#1288835)
    * Improve testing, distcheck, (Bryce Harrington)
    * Major cleanup and reorganisation of the preferences window (Steve
      * Complete revamp of the Global tab
      * Splitters added on the 'Profiles', 'Layouts' and 'Plugins' tabs
        for resizing lists
      * Made the 'Layouts' tab and the 'Profile' sub-tabs more consistent
        style wise
      * Included a new 'About' tab with some project links
    * Add global setting for changing the titlebar font (Eli Zor)
      expanded and improved (Steve Boddy)
    * Add shortcuts for next/prev profile (Peter E Lind, LP#1314734)
    * Improve DnD to handle multiple files (Schplurtz le Déboulonné)
      and (Steve Boddy)
    * Add 'Save' button for saving to the selected Layout (Ariel
    * Preselect the current layout when opening Prefs window, and also
      save config after using the layout 'Save' button (Steve Boddy)
    * Add default shortcuts for some actions by my preference (Steve
    * Added HighContrast icons, and fix all window/menu icons to respect
      theme changes (Steve Boddy, LP#305579)
    * Add option to set how long ActivityWatcher plugin is quiet for
      (Steve Boddy)
    * Big tidy up and improvements to translation strings, although it
      will require additional work by translators (Steve Boddy)
    * Make the menu mnemonics a bit more consistent, or add them where
      they were missing (Steve Boddy)
    * Add fallback to psutils to discover the cwd of a terminal (Heon
      Jeong, LP#1261293) with additional fixup (Steve Boddy)
    * Slight improvement (IMO) to the zoom terminal font scaling (Steve
      Boddy, LP#329158)
    * Add an internationalised AppData file for software installers
      (Steve Boddy, LP#1323785)
  * Bug fixes
    * Fix <Mod>+double-click to not rebalance splitters (Steve Boddy,
    * Fix closing a group to no longer leaves strays (Steve Boddy,
    * Fix shader so it works for background images too (Steve Boddy,
    * Fix x-terminal-emulator option (Neal Fultz, LP#366644)
    * Fix lost geom when using -H option (Steve Boddy, LP#1035617)
    * Fix maximise in Fluxbox. Possibly also Windows w/Xming too (Steve
      Boddy, LP#1201454)
    * Fix lack of focus on unhide with patch from (Pavel Khlebovich,
    * Fix the Group All/Tab shortcuts where titlebars were not updated
      (Steve Boddy, LP#1242675)
    * Fix splits not being central mith multiple tabs (Justin Ossevoort,
    * Fix closing of tab with multiple terminals not closing (Steve
      Boddy, 1253995)
    * Fix custom commands broadcast to grouped terminals (Mauro S M
      Rodrigues, LP#1414332)
    * Fix libc loading in Restores pwd detection. (Thomas
    * Fix scrollbar doubleclick rebalancing (Bryce Harrington, LP#1423686)
      and (Steve Boddy)
    * Fix crash when capslock pressed while editing a tab title (wizwiz50,
    * Fix navigation between terminals (Julián Moreno Patiño LP#1433810)
      and (Steve Boddy, LP#328235, LP#1433810)
    * Fix option --new-tab to show application (Pavel Roschin, LP#1367680)
      and (Steve Boddy)
    * Fix xterm color palette to match xterm (Casper Ti. Vector,
    * Fix (unconfirmed) for Fedora messing up prompts in gtk2 vte if
      gtk3 vte is also installed (Steve Boddy, LP-Q#268135)
    * Fix to make the debugserver work with two or more -d flags as per
      docs, not three or more (Steve Boddy)
    * Fix unwanted newline on DnD file (Schplurtz le Déboulonné,
    * Fix DnD filenames with sh-quote, even those with ' (Schplurtz le
    * Fix multi-line DnD to full text block, not just first line (Steve
    * Fix slightly uneven splits on shortcut due to handle size, though
      this will make previously saved layouts off by a few pixels (Steve
      Boddy, LP#1089162)
    * Man page typo (Michael Eller, LP#1296725)
    * Fix new tab labels when adding a tab to a window with splits (Steve
    * Minor visual fix for slider in prefs filling whole trough (Steve
    * Buttons in Prefs>Layouts tab cannot be hidden by slider (Steve
    * Fix Super+double-click on splitter within tabs (Steve Boddy)
    * Fix composed characters for receivers (Takao Fujiwara, LP#1463704)
    * Fix launcher opening after a dbus enabled window is already open
      (Steve Boddy, LP#1283002)
    * Sort entries in config file, so they don't jump around every time
      config is saved for easier troubleshooting (Steve Boddy)
    * Start 'New Layout #' from 1. Looked strange starting at 2 (Steve
    * Fix the renaming of Layouts/Profiles sometimes corrupting what
      appears in the config file (Steve Boddy, LP#1262709)
    * Fix the way alternatives are set up that cures blurry/incorrect
      icons in task switchers (Steve Boddy, LP#1067287)
    * Fix the tab switching if a terminal on another tab exits (Steve
      Boddy, LP#943311)

File Description Downloads
download icon terminator-0.98.tar.gz (md5, sig) Terminator 0.98 - Fix for missing contents in original tarball 15,415
last downloaded today
Total downloads: 15,415

0.97 (preparation) release from the trunk series released 2013-04-30

Release information
Release notes:

Lots of bug fixes and some minor features in preparation for a 1.0 release.


terminator 0.97:
  * Allow font dimming in inactive terminals
  * Allow URL handler plugins to override label text for URL context
  * When copying a URL, run it through the URL handler first so the
    resulting URL is copied, rather than the original text
  * Allow users to configure a custom URL handler, since the
    default GTK library option is failing a lot of users in non-GNOME
  * Allow rotation of a group of terminals (Andre Hilsendeger)
  * Add a keyboard shortcut to insert a terminal's number (Stephen J
  * Add a keyboard shortcut to edit the window title (Stephen J Boddy)
  * Add an easy way to balance terminals by double clicking on their
    separator (Stephen J Boddy)
  * Add a plugin by Sinan Nalkaya to log the contents of terminals.
  * Support configuration of TERM and COLORTERM, via a patch from
    John Feuerstein
  * Support reading configuration from alternate files, via a patch
    from Pavel Khlebovich
  * Allow creation of new tabs in existing Terminators, via DBus
        * Support the Solarized palettes (Juan Francisco Cantero Hutardo)
        * Translation support for the Preferences window.
        * Lots of translation updates (thanks to everyone who helped!)
  * Bug fixes

File Description Downloads
download icon terminator-0.97.tar.gz (md5, sig) Terminator 0.97 39,097
last downloaded today
Total downloads: 39,097

0.96 release from the trunk series released 2011-09-23

Release information
Release notes:

Bug fixes and some minor features. Catching up a little with the backlog of bugs, patches and branches from users.


terminator 0.96:
  * Unity support for opening new windows (Lucian Adrian Grijincu)
  * Fix searching with infinite scrollback (Julien Thewys #755077)
  * Fix searching on Ubuntu 10.10 and 11.04, and implement searching by regular expression (Roberto Aguilar #709018)
  * Optimise various low level components so they are dramatically faster (Stephen Boddy)
  * Fix various bugs (Stephen Boddy)
  * Fix cursor colours (#700969) and a cursor blink issue (Tony Baker)
  * Improve and extend drag&drop support to include more sources of text, e.g. Gtk file chooser path buttons (#643425)
  * Add a plugin to watch a terminal for inactvity (i.e. silence)
  * Fix loading layouts with more than two tabs (#646826)
  * Fix order of tabs created from saved layouts (#615930)
  * Add configuration to remove terminal dimensions from titlebars (patch from João Pinto #691213)
  * Restore split positions more accurately (patch from Glenn Moss #797953)
  * Fix activity notification in active terminals. (patch from Chris Newton #748681)
  * Stop leaking child processes if terminals are closed using the context menu (#308025)
  * Don't forget tab order and custom labels when closing terminals in them (#711356)
  * Each terminal is assigned a unique identifier and this is exposed to the processes inside the terminal via the environment variable TERMINATOR_UUID
  * Expand dbus support to start covering useful methods. Also add a commandline tool called 'remotinator' that can be used to control Terminator from a terminal running inside it.
  * Fix terminal font settings for users of older Linux distributions

File Description Downloads
download icon terminator-0.96.tar.gz (md5, sig) Terminator 0.96 10,655
last downloaded 8 days ago
download icon terminator_0.96.tar.gz (md5, sig) Terminator 0.96 5,028
last downloaded 6 days ago
Total downloads: 15,683

0.95 release from the trunk series released 2010-08-24

Release information
Release notes:

New configuration options for a DBus server, font anti-aliasing. A new plugin for Maven URLs (thanks to Julien Nicoulaud). Also various improvements in error handling and updated translations.

File Description Downloads
download icon terminator_0.95.tar.gz (md5, sig) Terminator 0.95 4,403
last downloaded 24 hours ago
download icon terminator-0.95.tar.gz (md5, sig) Terminator 0.95 4,509
last downloaded 24 hours ago
Total downloads: 8,912

0.94 (relaxation) release from the trunk series released 2010-07-04

Release information
Release notes:

Lots of bug fixes, some new plugins. See the ChangeLog for full details.


  * Improved support for entirely hiding Terminal titlebars
  * Plugin configuration via preferences UI
  * New plugins: Terminal Screenshot, Watch Terminal Activity
  * Add preferences support for profile encodings (LP: #597340)
  * Deprecate the tabbar_hide option, replacing it with a 'hidden'
           option for tab_position.
  * Add profiles, custom titlebar and custom tab labels to layouts.
  * Improved directional navigation
  * Backwards compatibility fixes for RHEL 5.5.
  * Disabled-by-default keybindings for switching broadcast modes
  * Bug fixes for LPs: #566925, #563445, #583041, #589200, #576279,
           #597340, #554571, #597651, #308025, #600280, #576276, #570706,
           #575827 and some other bugs.

File Description Downloads
download icon terminator_0.94.tar.gz (md5, sig) Terminator 0.94 944
last downloaded 7 days ago
download icon terminator-0.94.tar.gz (md5, sig) Terminator 0.94 637
last downloaded 13 days ago
Total downloads: 1,581

0.93 (recognition) release from the trunk series released 2010-04-15

Release information
Release notes:

Provide a preferences UI item for the alternate_screen_scroll setting (patch from Kees Cook)
Fixes for all outstanding bugs against Terminator in Ubuntu and for many of the upstream bugs including, but not limited to, LPs:
#562490, #563911, #546665, #558324, #490627, #558376, #558375, #559185, #558330, #554571, #554440, #561697, #562039, #558832, #561710, #563445

File Description Downloads
download icon terminator_0.93.tar.gz (md5, sig) Terminator 0.93 892
last downloaded today
download icon terminator-0.93.tar.gz (md5, sig) Terminator 0.93 1,625
last downloaded 4 weeks ago
Total downloads: 2,517

0.92 (redemption) release from the trunk series released 2010-04-07

Release information
Release notes:

Bug fixes from 0.91, and implementing the palette section of the preferences editor

File Description Downloads
download icon terminator-0.92.tar.gz (md5, sig) Terminator 0.92 612
last downloaded 4 weeks ago
download icon terminator_0.92.tar.gz (md5, sig) Terminator 0.92 182
last downloaded 4 weeks ago
Total downloads: 794

0.91 (epic fail) release from the trunk series released 2010-03-31

File Description Downloads
download icon terminator_0.91.tar.gz (md5, sig) Terminator 0.91 alternate name (because some search patterns depend on this) 289
last downloaded today
download icon terminator-0.91.tar.gz (md5, sig) Terminator 0.91 758
last downloaded 3 weeks ago
Total downloads: 1,047

0.90 (epic win) release from the trunk series released 2010-03-30

File Description Downloads
download icon terminator_0.90.tar.gz (md5, sig) Terminator 0.90 386
last downloaded 3 weeks ago
Total downloads: 386

0.14 (Our last best hope) release from the trunk series released 2009-12-03

Release information
Release notes:

This release brings some much improved UI for the grouping of terminals, some new behaviours and a bunch of bug fixes. See the ChangeLog for more details!


* Major reworking of the grouping interface by Stephen Boddy
* Keybindings can now be disabled by setting them to "None"
* Change default behaviour to enable full transparency
* Terminal titlebars can now be edited like tab labels
* Geometry hinting is now available and enabled by default
* Lots of bug fixing

File Description Downloads
download icon terminator_0.14.tar.gz (md5, sig) Terminator 0.14 2,875
last downloaded 13 days ago
Total downloads: 2,875

110 of 24 releases