Terminator 0.10 "the horns of jericho"

This is mostly a bugfix release, but we have a great new configuration file handler written by Thomas Hurst.
With it, we can push on towards many of the features we want for 1.0

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the horns of jericho
Chris Jones
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1 Chris Jones, 2 Thomas Hurst, 7 chantra
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terminator 0.10:
  * Various bug fixes.
  * New, improved config file parsing
  * Improved spawning of more complex terminal commands
  * Debug server (not useful for most people)
  * Configurable keyboard shortcuts
  * Scrollback searching
  * Support --geometry

0 blueprints and 10 bugs targeted

Bug report Importance Assignee Status
247330 #247330 terminator -e doesn't work as gnome-terminal -e 2 Critical Thomas Hurst  10 Fix Released
249200 #249200 [0.9] titlebar is not properly handled 3 High chantra  10 Fix Released
256335 #256335 font size changes when terminal opened 4 Medium Chris Jones  10 Fix Released
247457 #247457 tab bar takes up terminal real estate 5 Low chantra  10 Fix Released
247882 #247882 [0.9] DnD is not properly documented 1 Undecided chantra  10 Fix Released
247893 #247893 [0.9] XDG_CONFIG_HOME is not properly handled 1 Undecided chantra  10 Fix Released
247907 #247907 [0.9] cursor_blink has no effect on cursor_blinkliness 1 Undecided chantra  10 Fix Released
248359 #248359 terminator on ubuntu 7.10: Depends: python-central (>= 0.6.7) but 0.5.15ubuntu2 is to be installed 1 Undecided chantra  10 Fix Released
249065 #249065 flickering graphics; cairo overlays are fighting with vte for redraws? 1 Undecided chantra  10 Fix Released
260795 #260795 Terminator fails to start if GDK cannot parse the configured colours 1 Undecided Thomas Hurst  10 Fix Released
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