Terminator 0.97 "preparation"

This brings a lot of bug fixes and some minor feature additions, in preparation for 1.0.

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Release notes 

Lots of bug fixes and some minor features in preparation for a 1.0 release.


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terminator 0.97:
  * Allow font dimming in inactive terminals
  * Allow URL handler plugins to override label text for URL context
  * When copying a URL, run it through the URL handler first so the
    resulting URL is copied, rather than the original text
  * Allow users to configure a custom URL handler, since the
    default GTK library option is failing a lot of users in non-GNOME
  * Allow rotation of a group of terminals (Andre Hilsendeger)
  * Add a keyboard shortcut to insert a terminal's number (Stephen J
  * Add a keyboard shortcut to edit the window title (Stephen J Boddy)
  * Add an easy way to balance terminals by double clicking on their
    separator (Stephen J Boddy)
  * Add a plugin by Sinan Nalkaya to log the contents of terminals.
  * Support configuration of TERM and COLORTERM, via a patch from
    John Feuerstein
  * Support reading configuration from alternate files, via a patch
    from Pavel Khlebovich
  * Allow creation of new tabs in existing Terminators, via DBus
        * Support the Solarized palettes (Juan Francisco Cantero Hutardo)
        * Translation support for the Preferences window.
        * Lots of translation updates (thanks to everyone who helped!)
  * Bug fixes

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