Terminator 1.9 "salivation"

A preliminary release so everyone can see and hopefully test and provide fixes ;-) for the GTK3 port.

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Stephen Boddy
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Release notes 

OK folks. This is your chance. An honest to goodness (pre-)release of the GTK3 version of Terminator. Please use this if you possibly can, and provide fixes if you have the skills. If you have a bug that you can't fix and you think it is serious enough that it really should be fixed before the big 2.0, then assign it the tag "release-blocker". If I agree, I'll target it to the milestone.

Looking here for show-stoppers, as I'm well aware that Terminator has lots of strange little nooks and crannies that display strange behaviour when it's the second Thursday of a month with 30 days.


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terminator 1.90 (note: includes most of the 0.98 release fixes too):
    * Layout launcher with option or shortcut (Steve Boddy)
    * An all-new manual! Default to F1 key (Steve Boddy)
    * Now uses GTK3 + up-to-date VTE thanks to initial port by Egmont
      Koblinger, and fixup by various people
    * Thanks to a few patches we should also work under Wayland, with
      a few limitations

    * Layout launcher reloads config when opened to be sure it has the
      latest layouts (Steve Boddy)
    * Reload the config before we write to it or we could overwrite
      something from another instance (Steve Boddy)
    * When saving, a layout now remembers:
      * maximised and fullscreen status (Steve Boddy)
      * window titles (Steve Boddy, LP#1192960)
      * which tab was active (Steve Boddy)
      * which terminal was active (Steve Boddy, LP#858268)
      * working directory for each terminal (MoMaT, LP#1157422) plus
        additional GUI code (Steve Boddy)
    * Add vertical scrollbars to the Profiles and Layouts tabs in
      Preferences (LP#1396843)
    * Pull in updated translations from trunk
    * Remove pointless horizontal scrollbar from Layout Launcher
    * Merge Activity Watcher plugin improvements from Joseph Crosland
      (with additional GTK3 fixes)
    * Add Ctrl+MouseWheel Zoom in/out and Shift+MouseWheel page scroll
    * Show application if --new-tab passed, although needs currently
      broken dbus (LP#1367680)
    * Merge search bar wrap toggle (Christophe Bourez)
    * Add Ctrl+Shift+mousewheel and Ctrl+Super+mousewheel actions to
      zoom receivers or all terminals
    * Default broadcast behaviour toggle by (Jiri/jtyr, #1288835)
    * setup.py: Allow running tests via `python setup.py test`
    * Major cleanup and reorganisation of the preferences window.
    * Global setting for changing the titlebar font (partially from
      Eli Zor branch), but expanded and improved (docs/GUI), plus some
      minor fixup from this.
    * Add shortcuts for next/prev profile (Peter E Lind, LP#1314734)
    * Dual solution for cwd based on comments 36 & 37 by Egmont
      Koblinger in LP#1030562
    * Add 'Save' button for saving to the selected Layout (Ariel
    * Preselect the current layout when opening Prefs window, and also
      save config after using the layout 'Save' button (Steve Boddy)
    * Set some default shortcuts based on my preference (Steve Boddy)
    * Add high contast icons, make the main window icon loading work
      better, and respect the theme changes (Steve Boddy, LP#305579)
    * Additional windows icon loading works better, and respect the
      theme changes (LP#305579)
    * Adjust the config section name to InactivityWatch for
      InactivityWatch class
    * Add a new setting for ActivityWatch to set the time between
      activty notifications
    * BIG update to translations, due to additions and changes.
    * Make the random default group names translatable
    * Add and improve the mnemonics in the group menu
    * Slight change to how the zoomed font is calculated.
    * setup.py can install the manual (and by extension do can
    * setup.py has (inactive) code for generating the html from the
      source but this will break if rtd theme is not available
    * A few changes to doc strings to make the autodoc prettier
    * Added help shortcut, by default F1 to open the local manual
    * Added button to About tab (in Prefs window) to launch manual
    * Small tweak to setup.py to seperate build and install, and
      always attempt to install manual by default.
    * Sort entries in config file, so they don't jump around every
      time config is saved for easier troubleshooting
    * Start 'New Layout #' from 1. Looked strange starting at 2
    * Add fallback to psutils to discover the cwd of a terminal (Heon
    * Add an internationalised AppData file for software installers
    * Adjustment to the way alternatives are set up that should cure
      blurry/incorrect icons in task switchers
    * Some updates to the hicolor version of other window icons to
      remove placeholders, and add svg versions of the status and
      action icons
    * As part of GTK3 fixup, some improvements to the DBus interface,
      and remotinator (Steve Boddy)
      * Can now open a window or tab using remotinator
      * Can get the window uuid, or title using remotinator
      * Moved new tab key handling into the terminal for consistency
      * Standardise response when a new term is created (split, win
        or tab) to reply with new terms uuid
      * For GTK3 gave the DBus a slightly different name so they it
        can run at same time as GTK2
      * remotinator now uses argparse for commandline option handling,
        vastly improving the option handling
      * remotinator help strings are translatable now
    * Update the translations to include the new strings in the
      improved remotinator command
    * Reimplement visual flash that got removed from libvte, reusing
      the DnD overlay to flash the terminal (gtk2->gtk3)
    * Set window geometry hints to off by default. The constant
      trickle of problems it causes are annoying (LP#1498833)
    * Actually set the DBUs interface to on by default. For some
      reason it wasn't active by default.
    * Add option to toggle the rewrap on resize (Egmont Koblinger,
    * Add word chars back in if VTE is 0.40+ (Egmont Koblinger,
    * Make Zoom/Maximize inactive if a single terminal (Egmont
      Koblinger, LP#1518081)
    * Add dimming for 256 colour palettes (Egmont Koblinger,
    * Update TERM/COLORTERM to more modern values (Egmont Koblinger,
    * Change the scroll_on_output default to false (Egmont Koblinger,
    * PuTTY paste mode (Nemilya, LP#1416682) with some alterations
      (Steve Boddy)
    * Updated and grouped default shortcuts in man page (Steve Boddy)
    * Added smart copy mode switch to prefs (Steve Boddy, LP#1223129)
    * Merge feature branch for tab/terminal title editing (Haim
      Daniel, LP#1417747)
    * Added radio options to the Cursor colour to make it easier to
      go back to the XOR'd foreground colour (Steve Boddy,
    * Move manual online, as distro packagers were stripping it out,
      and remove associated scripting (Steve Boddy)
    * Remotinator now uses the same version number as terminator
      (Steve Boddy)

  Bug Fixes
    * Fix <Mod>+double-click to not rebalance splitters (Steve Boddy,
    * Fix closing a group to no longer leaves strays (Steve Boddy,
    * Fix shader so it works for background images too (Steve Boddy,
    * Fix x-terminal-emulator option (Neal Fultz, LP#366644)
    * Fix lost geom when using -H option (Steve Boddy, LP#1035617)
    * Fix maximise in Fluxbox. Possibly also Windows w/Xming too
      (Steve Boddy, LP#1201454)
    * Fix lack of focus on unhide with patch from (Pavel Khlebovich,
    * Fix the Group All/Tab shortcuts where titlebars were not updated
      (Steve Boddy, LP#1242675)
    * Fix splits not being central mith multiple tabs (Justin
      Ossevoort, LP#1186953)
    * Fix startup error (undefined variable) on non-composited
    * Fix titlebar label preventing scaling down titlebars by wrapping
      whole box in a viewport.
    * Fix Custom Commands Dialog from David Chandler + fixes for GTK3
    * Fix custom commands broadcast to grouped terminals (Mauro S M
      Rodrigues, LP#1414332)
    * Fix focus grabbing from the GTK3 port.
    * Remove old flag based HAS_FOCUS usage from unused method of
      terminator class
    * Fix the scroll up/down key bindings to use gtk3 method
    * Fix getting the handle size (gtk2->gtk3 diff)
    * Fix scrollbar doubleclick rebalancing (LP#1423686)
    * Fix allocations (no longer an attribute) when balancing
      (gtk2->gtk3 diff)
    * Fix allocations not having the x,y position just w,h (gtk3 bug?
      gtk2->gtk3 diff?)
    * Fix pid for spawning now forking is deprecated, but returns are
      different (vte 0.36 -> 0.38)
    * Fix xterm color palette to match xterm (LP#1260924)
    * Fix for moving between terminals, checks for overlap. So far
      never selects wrong terminal (LP#1433810)
    * Fix search broken by port because returns are now different
      (gtk2->gtk3 and vte 0.36 -> 0.38)
    * Fix for confirm close dialog (judgedreads)
    * Fix in get_allocation override to prevent exceptions/hung
      process on exiting with close button.
    * Fix distcheck and improvements to tests
    * Fix debugserver work with two or more -d flags, not three or
    * Fix URL opening. Little too much removed in original port,
      meaning one click = two copies of page opened.
    * Fix the drag-and-drop of terminals/text back to pre-port
      functionality - a real pain this one (gtk2->gtk3)
    * Fix drag and drop of files (Schplurtz le Déboulonné, LP#1311481)
      and some tweaks (Steve Boddy)
    * Fix a few prefs widget alignments as per GNOME visual guidelines
    * Fix slightly uneven splits on shortcut due to handle size,
      though this will make previously saved layouts off by a few
      pixels (Steve Boddy, LP#1089162)
    * Fix typo in man page (Michael Eller, LP#1296725)
    * Fix font lookups for people with unpopulated gconf database
      (i.e. KDE) (Steve Boddy, LP#1476072)
    * Fix the preferences window to be translated (LP:#1245806)
    * Fix a default shortcut that was a bit garbled
    * Fix the group radio buttons after mnemonics additions broke them
    * Fix for setting urgent flag on window for highlight in task bar
    * Fix the problem with tabs not being named where a window with
      splits creates a new tab
    * Fix slider widget in Prefs>Global, which was filling the whole
      trough, unlike the one right above it.
    * Fix issue with Super+double-click on a splitter failing if tabs
      were in use
    * Fix buttons in the layout tab to stop them from being hidden by
      the slider
    * Fix composed characters when broadcast is turned on to appear in
      all receivers now (LP#1463704)
    * Fix the zoom/maximise terminal function (gtk2->gtk3)
    * Remove the old_padding and allocation stuff from the zoom_scaled
      function in terminal which isn't used anyway
    * Remove another unneeded assignment in is_zoomed function in
    * Fix for systems (i.e. my 12.04 LTS) that don't set LANGUAGE for
      whatever reason. This breaks the manual lookup
    * Fix launcher opening after a dbus enabled window is already open
      (DBUS in GTK3 still FIXME)
    * Crude workaround for the fact that debian wants to compress
      fonts used by the manual
    * Fix the high contrast icons, where I accidentally included a
      grey, semi-transparent background
    * Fix a lingering usage of GTK2 style constant when setting the
      last resort icon.
    * Fix Custom Commands to use the standard gerr function instead of
      the broken local one
    * Fix the DBus interface (gtk2-gtk3)
    * Disable the wm_class feature. Seems not possible in GTK3, and
      breaks the DBus call for new_window.
    * Workaround intltools inability to cope with files that have no
      extension, using temporary symlinks
    * Fix flickering and intermittent failures to rebalance
    * Fix for newer GI wanting us to specify versions (LP#1513596)
    * Fix to make sure the bell icon appears even when titlebar text
      extends beyond terminals width (LP#1494977)
    * Fix editable label distorting the layout until the splitter gets
      moved (LP#1494979)
    * Fix startup on Wayland because Keybinder seems to be X11 only
    * Fix a GI version warning for Notify library (Mattias Eriksson)
    * Fix warning trying to import the __init__.py file as a plugin
      (Mattias Eriksson, LP#1518065)
    * Fix deprecation warning in later GTK versions (Egmont Koblinger,
    * Fix separator sizing (Egmont Koblinger, LP#1518069)
    * Fix positioning of group popup menu for later versions of GTK
      (Egmont Koblinger, LP#1518058)
    * Correct some British spelt translated strings to American
      (Egmont Koblinger, LP#1518085)
    * Fix double double-click on titlebar in later GTK3 (Egmont
      Koblinger, LP#1518094)
    * Fix the palette for inactive terminals after Prefs window
      (Egmont Koblinger, LP#1518108)
    * Fix copy on selection to work on already open terminals (Egmont
      Koblinger, LP#1518109)
    * Fix unwanted seperator size change, and increase granularity of
      dim/transparent sliders (Egmont Koblinger, LP#1518114)
    * Fix cwd when new term spawned from a symlinked directory (Egmont
      Koblinger, LP#1518554)
    * Correct terminator_config man page regarding scrollback (Egmont
      Koblinger, LP#1518559)
    * Fix exception when Ctrl-clicking the terminal when not over a
      URL (Egmont Koblinger, LP#1518592)
    * Fix Ctrl-click on URL if terminal has padding (Egmont Koblinger,
    * Fix right-click for mouse aware apps (Egmont Koblinger,
    * Fix rotate terminals under tabs, and (gtk3-only) focus loss on
      rotate (Egmont Koblinger, LP#1520360)
    * Remove unsupported utmp for now, till alternative solution
      (Egmont Koblinger)
    * Fix the "Run command as login shell" (Egmont Koblinger,
    * Fix the tab switching if a terminal on another tab exits (Steve
      Boddy, LP#943311)
    * Fix for those not running IBus, where the IBus workaround caused
      broken keys in other keymaps set with non-IBus tools
      (Steve Boddy, LP#1494606)
    * Fix PuTTY paste mode so Ctrl-Right-Drag, and application mouse
      handling in terminal still works (Steve Boddy)
    * Fix middle-click insert primary selection for Wayland (N/A) to
      insert from clipboard instead (Mattias Eriksson)
    * Remove invalid double-quote (") from the pathchar for url regex
      matching (Steve Boddy, LP#1514578)
    * Remove the now unused posix regex code, and set the regex
      boundary vars to the correct '\b' value (Matt Rose, Egmont
      Koblinger, Steve Boddy, LP#1521509)
    * Fix drag and drop of a link from Firefox / Chrome (Egmont
      Koblinger, LP#1518705)
    * Fix the editing of the window title (Egmont Koblinger,
    * Fix closing window using short-cut (Egmont Koblinger,
    * Fix profile re-use when opening new window (Egmont Koblinger,
    * Fix scrollbar position on current terminals when changed in
      prefs (Egmont Koblinger, LP#1520761)
    * Fix title edit shortcuts to hopefully not clash with console
      programs so much (Steve Boddy, LP#1514089)
    * Fix to re-add the dash as a default word char. Accidentally
      dropped in libvte API flux (Steve Boddy, LP#1598800)
    * Fix stale tab titles (Steve Boddy, LP#1520377)
    * Fix zero-sized terminals after rotate (Egmont Koblinger,
    * Fix (mostly) double-click doesn't distribute area evenly
      (Egmont Koblinger, LP#1520969)

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