Terminator 1.91 "Stahl"

Regression release. Did it work in gtk2? Not working for gtk3? Hopefully they'll all be fixed here.

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Stephen Boddy
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Release notes 

No significant new features. Just minor enhancements and lots and lot of fixes.


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    * Update and fixes for the generic terminator.spec file used by
      downstreams for RPM generation
    * Allow the use of larger separator sizes (Egmont Koblinger,
    * Add the gruvbox light/dark palettes as themes.
    * Updated the preferences window to a modern version of glade.
      Better spacing, layout etc.
    * Fix the background transparency, also allowing per theme
      CSS fixes and styling tweaks. (LP#1599453)
    * Enable the use of the hyper key as a modifier in shortcuts.
      (Steven Keuchel, LP#1362229)
    * Displays confirmation dialog when a single term is
      zoomed/maximised (minoru/shiraeeshi, LP#1531933)
    * Add keywords entry to the desktop file (Julián Moreno Patiño,
    * Add subtrees to custom commands menu - just add '/' to split
    * Normalise display name when creating DBus name (Andrea
      Corbellini, LP#1267195)
    * Remove auto-capitalisation of profiles in menu and add sorting

  Bug Fixes
    * Fix missing dependencies in debian/control (LP#1644155,
    * Fix terminator not working with default python3 by forcing
      python2 (LP#1621156)
    * Update some places where the old homepage was still mentioned.
    * Fix the regression of the initial scrollbar state not being
      set (LP#1645704)
    * Fix using ~ (home dir) over DBus (LP#1646034)
    * Fix the middle mouse button not getting passed to tmux.
    * Fix oversized splitter bar hover area for Adwaita and any other
      theme that does this. (LP#1647292)
    * Fix some strange behaviour when clicking on the trough of a
      scale (i.e. stepping) The previous value gets read, not the
    * Fix the GtkDialog mapped without a transient parent message
      (Egmont Koblinger, LP#1518066)
    * Fix a couple of other transient parent errors.
    * At least /try/ to include all the theme specific css files in
    * Fix cwd for new windows on FreeBSD (Eric Badger, LP#1650306)
    * Fix terminal shot plugin to work with GTK3 (Vineeth Raj)
    * Fix the logger plugin (Eric Badger, LP#1652143)
    * Fix system fonts to pull values from dconf, not gconf
    * Fix translation strings that could cause problems for some
      languages (LQ#408095)
    * Fix separators in popup menus on newer Gtk/Adwaita (Erika,
    * Fix searchbar not looking prior to the configured lines when
      using infinite scrollback (Eric Johnson, LP#1471369)
    * Fix '0xffff' in keybindings prefs when a binding is previously
      set to Disabled
    * Update embedded css selectors to also be GTK 3.20+ compatible
      using nodes (Iain Lane)
    * Fix focus/z-order issue introduced by gtk3 port (Saber
      Rastikerdar, LP#805870)
    * Fix for old windows popping to the front when new windows are
    * Fix scrollwheel actions on the tabs not working anymore
    * Fix incorrect sizing of sub windows when there's no titlebar
      (Emilio Pozuelo Monfort, LP#1646257)
    * Reapplication of select on copy fix that didn't get applied
      to gtk3 (LP#1652931)
    * Fix for getting two different resizes of the terminal which
      vim wasn't handling well (LP#1646293)
    * Fix the cwd of a second instance launched by exo-open/Thunar
    * Fix an exception with an unexpected keyword getting passed
      to set_cursor
    * Fix the version introspection capture by exception
      (Emilio Pozuelo Monfort, LP#1574399)
    * Fix to stop panes nudging on performing a normal split due to
      the ratio float not accounting for the handle size
    * Fix vte object not being released properly, and holding open
      hidden /tmp files (LP#785501, LP#1645500)
    * Fix versions of Gtk where some CSS pseudo elements are not
      parsed and application will not load. Note that entire file is
      then ignored (LP#1663669)
    * Fix/bodge for strange race condition where every so often
      get_length returns 1 (LP#1655027)
    * Fix remotinator get_tab_title for tabs with more than a single
      terminal (Nix, LP#1579445)
    * Fix custom_command and always_split_with_profile to work
      together (Nix, LP#1600609)
    * Fix regex's needing MULTILINE flag to prevent libvte 0.44
      throwing warnings (LP#1560989)
    * Fix an invalid call to get_child() rather than the correct
      get_children()[0] for a window
    * Fix patterns for url matching to handle IPv6 as host
    * Fix exception when adding new profile in prefs (LP#1521301)
    * Fix new windows opening in the background (note that some will
      think this is bad) (LP#1646437)

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Bug report Importance Assignee Status
1646437 #1646437 Regression: Opening a new terminal appears at back 3 High Stephen Boddy  10 Fix Released
1655027 #1655027 Regression in 1.90: saved layouts do not load 1 Undecided Stephen Boddy  10 Fix Released
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