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Release notes 

This release of testtools is perhaps the most interesting and exciting one
it's ever had. We've continued in bringing together the best practices of unit
testing from across a raft of different Python projects, but we've also
extended our mission to incorporating unit testing concepts from other
languages and from our own research, led by Robert Collins.

We now support skipping and expected failures. We'll make sure that you
up-call setUp and tearDown, avoiding unexpected testing weirdnesses. We're
now compatible with Python 2.5, 2.6 and 2.7 unittest library.

All in all, if you are serious about unit testing and want to get the best
thinking from the whole Python community, you should get this release.


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* A new TestResult API has been added for attaching details to test outcomes.
  This API is currently experimental, but is being prepared with the intent
  of becoming an upstream Python API. For more details see pydoc
  testtools.TestResult and the TestCase addDetail / getDetails methods.

* assertThat has been added to TestCase. This new assertion supports
  a hamcrest-inspired matching protocol. See pydoc testtools.Matcher for
  details about writing matchers, and testtools.matchers for the included
  matchers. See http://code.google.com/p/hamcrest/.

* Compatible with Python 2.6 and Python 2.7

* Failing to upcall in setUp or tearDown will now cause a test failure.
  While the base methods do nothing, failing to upcall is usually a problem
  in deeper hierarchies, and checking that the root method is called is a
  simple way to catch this common bug.

* New TestResult decorator ExtendedToOriginalDecorator which handles
  downgrading extended API calls like addSkip to older result objects that
  do not support them. This is used internally to make testtools simpler but
  can also be used to simplify other code built on or for use with testtools.

* New TextTestResult supporting the extended APIs that testtools provides.

* Nose will no longer find 'runTest' tests in classes derived from
   testtools.testcase.TestCase (bug #312257).

* Supports the Python 2.7/3.1 addUnexpectedSuccess and addExpectedFailure
  TestResult methods, with a support function 'knownFailure' to let tests
  trigger these outcomes.

* When using the skip feature with TestResult objects that do not support it
  a test success will now be reported. Previously an error was reported but
  production experience has shown that this is too disruptive for projects that
  are using skips: they cannot get a clean run on down-level result objects.

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250774 #250774 Extended TestResult behaviour 2 Critical   10 Fix Released
280874 #280874 Name collision with another (defunct) Python library 2 Critical Jonathan Lange  10 Fix Released
483433 #483433 ensure 0.0.2 references in code and docs say 0.9.0 2 Critical Robert Collins  10 Fix Released
483434 #483434 get a nice TextTestResult in place with detail support 2 Critical Robert Collins  10 Fix Released
483435 #483435 Content needs to be charset aware 2 Critical Robert Collins  10 Fix Released
312257 #312257 runTest wrongly detected as a test method by Nose 4 Medium Robert Collins  10 Fix Released
344023 #344023 testtools run() should require that setUp and tearDown are invoked 4 Medium   10 Fix Released
388322 #388322 setup.py is not executable 6 Wishlist   10 Fix Released
393493 #393493 Release testtools to PyPI 6 Wishlist Jonathan Lange  10 Fix Released
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