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TextfileBB is a feature rich text/flatfile forum unlike any you have seen before! Set users and groups, change permissions. Dynamic avatars and sigs, inboxes, postcounts for members and more.

Create membergroups to group members on permissions, access rights, and/or appearance. Chose between full ban, 'no post' ban, or registration ban. (by setting permissions). Forum search is also included. For attachments, secure check on filetype by extention and not MIME and attachment Log Manager, see who uploaded what, where, and when. All the classic moderation of MySQL boards: Ability to lock and unlock a topic, Delete or modify posts, Move or delete topics, Sticky or unsticky topics. Users online bar, Total posts on the forums, and other statistcs are displayed. Several security checks. Password reminder option, by email with confirmation. (doesn't automatically reset your password.)Cookie based authentication, with md5 sha1 password hash security. Try textfileBB today! FREE.

TextfileBB was created in the middle 2005 as a project for a fun challenge: an all text-based no MySQL forum. I created it to learn more PHP and about the file system functions, and I learned a lot in doing this project. People also got to enjoy and (still are) a forum on their host where they had poor quality / no MySQL, which is surprising how there's still hosts that don't have MySQL.

To make a long story short, my interest in the project waned for many reasons. I moved on to work on my other projects, including a forum service, which consumes a lot of my time as far as forum based projects go. TextfileBB went on the wayside, and the program hasn't been updated since around March of 2006. I open sourced the project under the GNU/GPL License in hopes someone on my forums would take it over or more people may develop things for it but it didn't happen.

So here we are on Launchpad. As of now (Oct 23, 2007), I'm no longer going to develop textfileBB. This section will allow you to sign up and be a developer, upload fixes that you may find/make to the software, etc since I will not be supporting it anymore. If there are any extremely serious security problems however, over the next 6 months or so I will fix them if they are found. You should email any security issues to me at If you'd like the plain textfileBB, it's always at the download URL listed here.

As a developer, here are some major things that I believe should be done on the project:

- Code cleanup. Seriously. The code is a sheer mess. There is so much that should be made into functions, made shorter, deleted, etc.
- HTML template system. This would be very beneficial. I should have added this the first time, but forgot, and it makes doing skin changes hard.
- Multi languages. Another miss first time around.
- Test it on multiple operating systems, multiple hosting environments. TextfileBB has the wildest bugs you'll ever encounter because it's text based, and it doesn't work right on certain setups.
- Subforums
- The account system should be rewritten and made easier to add a new variable/option. This is for modding.
- More CSS options available. A better style altogether.

That's all I can think of for now.

You can always find the original code here (1.0.19):

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