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timekpr 0.3.0 released

Written for timekpr by Even Nedberg on 2009-04-18

This is just a delayed announcement that timekpr 0.3.0 has been released. I t was released on 2009-04-18, get it from our PPA.

0.2.2~b3 released

Written for timekpr by Even Nedberg on 2008-12-03

Now at revision 167

I will update the changelog later

Get it here:

0.2.2~b2 released

Written for timekpr by Savvas Radevic on 2008-10-24

  * Rev #121
  * Works in Ubuntu Hardy Heron 8.04.1 now (Bug #287012)
  * Removed debian/menu, using gksu package (Bug #286527)
  * First user with UserID == UID_MIN from login.defs is now hidden
    from the user list (Bug #286529)

Fresh out of the oven! ;-)

0.2.2~b1 released

Written for timekpr by Savvas Radevic on 2008-10-19

I'm sorry I couldn't reach the co-developer (Even Nedberg) to approve the beta release, but I believe it's ripe enough for some beta testing! Even and I have done some basic testing, Charles Jackson (crjackson) has given it a swirl too, most of the stuff work as expected, features are automatically installed and activated.

Version 0.2.2~b1 (beta 1) is, as of now, released.
Note: I pushed the version up from 0.2.0 due to renaming it to beta for easier version tracking.

Feeling risky? Get it here:
All bugs reports welcome at

Things to test - check:
1) If there's a section "## TIMEKPR START" and "## TIMEKPR END" in files:

2) If you can see this code:
account required
account required

in these files:

The current file directory is:
- configuration at file /etc/timekpr.conf and folder /etc/timekpr/ (per user and .lock files)
- running files (.time .logout .late) at folder /var/lib/timekpr/
- various support files at folder /usr/share/python-support/timekpr/
and folder /usr/share/timekpr/

You can start stop timekpr:
sudo /etc/init.d/timekpr start
sudo /etc/init.d/timekpr stop

You can run timekpr in foreground (not as a service daemon) so you can see any crash problems:
sudo /etc/init.d/timekpr stop
sudo timekpr

You can see what's going on in the background in the log file:

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