Tivion 0.0.3 realeased

Written for Tivion by Angel Guzman Maeso on 2009-12-13

This release codenamed "Opiron" include more international channels and some cool features more.
See http://shakaran.es/blog/2009/12/tivion-0-0-3-opiron-liberado/ (on Spanish, but you can translate the post or right panel menu)

  * Add experimental support for jaunty
  * Added combobox for channel filter
  * Upgrade with 447 channels from 64 countries
  * Added -c or -channel-list for dump the full list of channels
  * Added translation of GUI on the fly
  * Improve the configuration window with screenshot folder option
  * Expand row channel when click on name
  * Sync of translations for many languages
  * Fix LP: #422875, #491066

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