Release of the Install Modules from "" module

Written for TKO Install Modules from Apps by ThinkOpen Solutions on 2012-07-11

We're very proud to announce the release of the "Install Modules from Apps" module for OpenERP 6.1!

You can now install any module and all it's dependencies directly from the site, in just a single click. The apps's modules are listed in the modules tree view, and are installed the same way as if they were in a local disk.

We've been using it at Thinkopen, and it works great, saving lots of time and allowing functional team members to install modules from apps autonomously.

Now we need you to use it and send feedback so we can improve it further.

Get the module using:
bzr branch lp:tko-install-modules-apps

Note that you will find it also in soon.

We welcome your feedback!

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