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Tomb aims to be a free and open source system for easy encryption and
backup of personal files, written in code that is easy to review and
links shared GNU/Linux components.

At present time, Tomb consists of a simple shell script (Zsh) using
standard filesystem tools (GNU) and the cryptographic API of the Linux
kernel (cryptsetup and LUKS). Tomb can also produce machine parsable
output to facilitate its use inside graphical applications.

This tool can be used to dig .tomb files (Luks volumes), forge keys
protected by a password (GnuPG symmetric encryption) and use the keys
to lock the tombs. Tombs are like single files whose contents are
unaccessible in absence of the key they were locked with and its

Once open the tombs are just like normal folders and can contain
different files, plus they offer advanced functionalities like bind
and execution hooks and fast search, or they can be slammed close even
if busy. Keys can be stored on separate media like USB sticks, NFC or
bluetooth devices to make the transport of data safer: one always
needs both the tomb and the key, plus its password, to access it.

The tomb script takes care of several details to improve the security
of tombs in every day usage: adopting pinentry for passwords,
facilitating the storage of backup keys using image steganography,
listing open tombs and selectively closing them, warning the user
about their size and last time they were used, etc.

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Simplified BSD Licence, GNU GPL v3

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