Tomdroid 0.7.2 beta "For the Love of Monkey" released!

Written for Tomdroid by Olivier Bilodeau on 2012-10-17

Another sweet beta release crafted with the love of the tomdroid maintainers (I, shamefully, mostly do the release notes...). This is what we will call 0.7.2 "For the Love of Monkey". A ton of fixes and improvements since our last release.

It is *not* intended to be an android market release yet as we would like to get feedback and testing done in our local community first.

Tomdroid is a Tomboy compatible wikiwiki note-taking application for Android.

Tomdroid's project page:

This latest release is available at: Point your Android browser over there and click on the top .apk file. Alternate installation instructions are available in the README file.

Tomdroid 0.7.2 beta - "For the Love of Monkey" released on 2012-10-17

* added GMail-style two-color pane and selector
* added ability to receive text-shares from other notes (lp:1039104)
* added ability to send and receive note files
* added auto-backup to SD Card preference
* made First Note translatable
* moved search function to main activity (allowing two-pane landscape view in results)
* added option to show deleted notes in list
* added ability to import plain text
* added file picker to import plain text and note files from within Tomdroid
* added options to turn off hyperlink creation
* fixed bug lp:1039703 Tomdroid crashes when rotating the device during synchronisation
* fixed bug lp:1039824 Crash when rotate on Revert All
* fixed bug lp:1039814 Crash on Backup Notes
* fixed bug lp:1039671 Crash when the server URL that includes "illegal characters"
* fixed bug lp:1040333 Crash on Revert
* fixed bug lp:1040338 Crash on Cancel
* fixed bug lp:1040389 Share/Send from chrome or play crash
* fixed bug lp:1040551 Tomdroid two-way sync to SD card messes up titles
* fixed bug lp:1041792 Error is occured on text decoration in beta Edit
* fixed bug lp:1049026 Error, when note starts with illegal xml character
* fixed bug lp:1053366 Search Results: No "not found" text in empty notes-list

If you encounter any problems please open up a bug report at

If you want to provide any additional help (translation, code, website, testing, publicity, etc.) feel free to subscribe to the tomdroid-dev mailing list and propose help:


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