Tomdroid 0.7.3 "Almost there!" released!

Written for Tomdroid by Stefan Hammer on 2013-10-24

I have the pleasure to announce the next and hopefully last release of our beta series. It was hard getting all release-critical bugs fixed as new ones did not stop to appear. This version will be called 0.7.3 "Almost there!" and fixes more than 35 bugs, including 10 critical/high ones and many enhancements. The biggest change probably was the rewrite of the XML parser to not loose any bullet-list notes again. This was done during the GNOMEdotNet Hackfest 2013 in Vienna (, for which I want to thank David Nielsen for organising it, Timo Dörr for his great support and explanations, and of course our awesome sponsors! Timo Dörr is also the guy who wrote our new sync server "Rainy" ( which includes server-side encryption, a web-interface and all kinds of database options since the Google Summer of Code 2013.

This version is not a *stable* play store release yet as we would like to get one more round of testing done in our community. However, you can always subscribe to our beta releases published at Google Play following these steps:
1) Become a member of the Tomboy g+ community:
2) Activate beta testing with this link:
3) You should be able to install the latest beta using Google Play!

Alternatively, you can still download the apk from our project page: Point your Android browser over there and click on the top .apk file. More installation instructions are available in the README file.

Tomdroid 0.7.3 beta - "Almost there!" released on 2013-10-24

* updated translations: new languages are Croatian, Icelandic, Javanese, Vietnamese and English (Australia)!
* fixed even more bugs, complete list on:
* fixed bug lp:1155646 Sometimes an empty Conflict Dialogue appears upon sync
* fixed bug lp:1232624 Suddenly started to crash every time it syncs with Rainy
* Complete rewrite of the note-content to XML handler
* fixed bug lp:1067604 Parser crash resulting in note corruption while editing bullet lists
* added option to automatically sync on startup (lp:1038353)
* fixed bug lp:1120488 Please add custom HTTP header to syncing requests (for Rainy sync)
* fixed strings related bugs: lp:1068772, lp:1068761, lp:1068791, lp:1068760
* fixed bug lp:1070787 Note Title should be more obvious in Conflict resolving dialogue
* It is now possible to change sync-method, sync-server, folder location without loosing any notes!
* fixed bug lp:1051932 & gets replaced with & on clicking save button
* fixed bug lp:1064149 Tomdroid Sync fails, datetime_format error
* fixed bug lp:1074894 NotesList -> Longpress -> Revert -> CRASH!
* fixed bug lp:1074661 Opening *.note file results in unparsed raw xml code and the uuid as title (when opened from GMail)
* fixed bug lp:1068681 Tomdroid should just show up in the "open file with" Android dialogue when the extension is *.note
* fixed bug lp:1068689 Share menu button in the NoteView does not show "send as text or as file" dialogue
* fixed bug lp:1068684 Toast message is showing "Error sending note to %1$s."
* fixed bug lp:1074602 Tomdroid does not send the "create-data" field in JSON when web syncing

If you encounter any problems, please open up a bug report at If you want to provide any additional help (translation, code, website, testing, publicity, etc.), feel free to subscribe to the tomdroid-dev mailing list and propose help:

For those who still wonder what this is all about: Tomdroid is a Tomboy compatible wikiwiki note-taking application for Android. Tomdroid's project page:

Have fun,

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