Tomdroid 0.3.1 "fundationem - fixed with a tie wrap"

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fundationem - fixed with a tie wrap
Olivier Bilodeau
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Release notes 

Version 0.3.1 - fundationem (fixed with a tie wrap)
* Fixed important parsing issue with notes in +xx:xx timezones (#520543)
* Fixed error-reporting of date parsing errors
* Only one error displayed per synchronization attempts instead of one per note


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=== 0.3.1 ===
2010-02-17 Olivier Bilodeau <email address hidden>

 * src/org/tomdroid/ [178] Date cleaner regular expression
 allows for + in timezone. Fixes #520543; fixed

 Also took the opportunity to document the pattern better.

2010-02-16 Olivier Bilodeau <email address hidden>

 * src/org/tomdroid/ui/,
 * src/org/tomdroid/util/,
 * src/org/tomdroid/xml/ [176] Proper reporting and
 handling of TimeFormatException

 Will only show one parsing error dialog per sdcard-sync Ok button on
 the parsing error doesn't close Tomdroid

 * sdcard.img: [175] Added all .note in xml-schema/complete-testcase/
 to the image

 * doc/dev/RELEASE-CHECKLIST: [174] Added a reminder to test release
 against public sdcard with all bug testcases.

 Also included are minor corrections to release checklist.

 * xml-schema/complete-testcase/9b9ee8aa-f59f-415e-98b2-704ea9612b11.note,
 * xml-schema/complete-testcase/bug520543,
 * xml-schema/complete-testcase/bug520543/9b9ee8aa-f59f-415e-98b2-704ea9612b11.note: Added.

 [173] Added testcase notes for bug lp:520543 : not correctly parses
 timezone info with a +

2010-02-15 Olivier Bilodeau <email address hidden>

 * xml-schema/complete-testcase/0b234c28-d12b-47fd-9ebe-1681e7cc152a.note,
 * xml-schema/complete-testcase/1f4f4b14-ed19-42d6-9fd5-e29f23381468.note,
 * xml-schema/complete-testcase/2b38427e-7883-455c-919d-0e99106fdfb2.note: Added.

 * xml-schema/complete-testcase/1331e52c-0a35-4c89-90c7-507bc9a2f61a.note,
 * xml-schema/complete-testcase/c50ed79b-5ce9-4beb-ba43-a512f756737f.note,
 * xml-schema/complete-testcase/c9ba327b-8f5d-44fa-9866-e56b5b1e308b.note,
 * xml-schema/complete-testcase/f2ed651f-c545-444d-a827-ce21e5d3894e.note: Modified.

 [172] Added bug #512204 notes into the complete-testcase suite.
 Removed the execution bit from some notes.

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Bug report Importance Assignee Status
520543 #520543 Tomdroid does not correctly parses timezone info with a + 3 High Olivier Bilodeau  10 Fix Released
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