Tomdroid 0.3 "fundationem"

Needed groundwork to move forward with editing and syncing

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Release notes 

Version 0.3.0 - fundationem
Android 1.5 or later required
* Instant startup -- database back-end instead of files (Benoît Garret)
* New "Sync from SD Card" menu item that will populate the notes database with the notes in tomdroid/ on the SD card (Benoît Garret)
* Significantly smaller App (went from ~380Kb to ~35Kb)
* Note list is now sorted showing last modified notes first
* Notification when "Sync from SD Card" is complete
* Note title no longer shown in the note text
* Fixed note parsing errors (#364850, #483101)
* Fixed phone numbers in note titles (#512204)
* Improved help messages
* Improved error reporting to the user
* Removed the "Load from Web" not-so-useful feature (Benoît Garret)


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=== 0.3.0 ===
2010-02-10 Olivier Bilodeau <email address hidden>

 * AndroidManifest.xml,
 * ChangeLog,
 * NEWS,
 * doc/dev/TODO,
 * doc/user/README,
 * src/org/tomdroid/ui/ [169] Prepping for 0.3.0 release
 and metadata update

 * src/org/tomdroid/util/ [168] Trap
 IndexOutOfBoundsException! Thanks to pjv for pointing that out.

2010-02-06 Olivier Bilodeau <email address hidden>

 * src/org/tomdroid/util/,
 * xml-schema/complete-testcase/bug512204,
 * xml-schema/complete-testcase/bug512204/0b234c28-d12b-47fd-9ebe-1681e7cc152a.note,
 * xml-schema/complete-testcase/bug512204/1f4f4b14-ed19-42d6-9fd5-e29f23381468.note,
 * xml-schema/complete-testcase/bug512204/2b38427e-7883-455c-919d-0e99106fdfb2.note: Added.

 * src/org/tomdroid/ui/ Modified.

 [167] Create my own matchFilter for phone numbers that is less
 agressive than android's one. Fixes lp:512204; fixed

 Added test case notes

2010-02-01 Olivier Bilodeau <email address hidden>

 * xml-schema/complete-testcase/682a1597-34da-42e6-94db-c6916e95d325.note,
 * xml-schema/complete-testcase/b3af2a14-dfda-4ba6-a86c-41bb670e160e.note: Added.

 [165] Added note bug cases to main test case.

 Hey let's avoid regressions right?

 * xml-schema/complete-testcase/bug483101,
 * xml-schema/complete-testcase/bug483101/b3af2a14-dfda-4ba6-a86c-41bb670e160e.note: Added.

 * src/org/tomdroid/xml/ Modified.

 [164] Fixed parsing issues related to a misuse of the XML parser; fixed

 It closes bug #483101 and is kinda related to #364850 which I just
 fixed a few hours ago. To be honest, I feel like I probably introduced
 a bunch of other bugs with people doing weird nesting but heck I'll
 fix them as they show up ;)

2010-01-31 Olivier Bilodeau <email address hidden>

 * xml-schema/complete-testcase/bug364850,
 * xml-schema/complete-testcase/bug364850/682a1597-34da-42e6-94db-c6916e95d325.note: Added.

 * src/org/tomdroid/xml/ Modified.

 [163] Fixed an issue with xml-escaped characters in a note title (bug
 #364850); fixed

 To be specific: the SAX characters() method contract was not respected
 by our NoteHandler. We were only keeping the portion provided by the
 last characters() call.

 * res/menu/main.xml: [161] Switched About and "Sync from SD card" menu
 position. Makes more sense for about to be further on the right.

 * res/values/strings.xml: [160] got rid of slow startup in welcome

2010-01-30 Olivier Bilodeau <email address hidden>

 * doc/dev/TODO,
 * src/org/tomdroid/ui/ [158] Removing the second title
 inside note-content with a regexp just before showing the note

2010-01-27 Olivier Bilodeau <email address hidden>

 * src/org/tomdroid/util/ [155] Small
 inner class visibility fixes

2010-01-26 Olivier Bilodeau <email address hidden>

 * src/org/tomdroid/ui/,
 * src/org/tomdroid/util/ [154] Added
 notification on "Sync from SD Card" completion or on error.
 To do so:
 - Created a handler that handles all possible events in
   AsyncNoteLoaderAndParser (no notes, error, ok)
 - Worker as a new isLast constructor parameter and if it's true it
   will send an message to the handler when done

2010-01-24 Olivier Bilodeau <email address hidden>
 * .classpath,
 * AndroidManifest.xml,
 * src/org/tomdroid/,
 * src/org/tomdroid/,
 * src/org/tomdroid/,
 * src/org/tomdroid/xml/ Modified.

 * lib/,
 * lib/joda-time/,
 * lib/joda-time/LICENSE.txt,
 * lib/joda-time/NOTICE.txt,
 * lib/joda-time/joda-time-1.6.jar: Removed.

 Sorting notes based on last modified time
 Here's the breakdown to get there:
 - Changed the underlying type from jodatime to android Time object.
 This new type required us to bump API from 2 to 3 (Android 1.5). With
 that we can remove jodatime dependency and it's welcomed! App size
 dropped from around 380Kb to 33Kb.
 - Strip sub-millisecond precision from Tomboy's notes datetime format
 to accomodate Android lib (and RFC3339)
 - Changed sqlite modified_date entry from numeric to text
 - Pushing datetime in UTC in sqlite to accomodate with sqlite's sorting

2010-01-22 Olivier Bilodeau <email address hidden>
 Merged Benoit Garret's storage-redesign branch
 (lp:~benoit.garret/tomdroid/storage-redesign) after some cleaning by
 myself in lp:~plaxx/tomdroid/storage-redesign. Wow that took a while..
 See bzr log -n 0 for full history.
 Within the merge, I also added on top:
 - added a toaster dialog to say that /sdcard/tomdroid/ is empty if you
   do an sdcard sync with nothing in that folder
 - added/removed comments
 - ViewNote's inner classes now private (instead of public and package)

2009-10-05 Olivier Bilodeau <email address hidden>
 * AndroidManifest.xml: Modified.

 Eliminate a warning by changing minimum SDK version from 1 to 2.
 It seems that Android SDK 1.5 can't build to 1.0 anymore..

2009-10-04 Olivier Bilodeau <email address hidden>

 * data/icon-src/view-refresh.svg,
 * res/drawable/icon_sync.png: Added.

 * res/layout/main.xml,
 * res/menu/main.xml,
 * res/values/strings.xml,
 * src/org/tomdroid/ui/ Modified.

 Notes don't load automatically on startup now. Added a "Sync from SD
 card" menu item. A merge of branch lp:~plaxx/tomdroid/load-from-sdcard
 which is itself a branch diverted from

 2009-10-03 Olivier Bilodeau <email address hidden>

  * data/icon-src/view-refresh.svg: Added.

  * res/drawable/icon_sync.png: Modified.

  Changed the sync icon to a grayscaled version of tango's
  actions/view-refresh. It's more consistent.

 2009-09-29 Olivier Bilodeau <email address hidden>

  * res/layout/main.xml,
  * res/values/strings.xml: Improved the "there are no notes"
  message so it tells the user what to do (sync with SD Card)

  Even though this will all change ;)

  * src/org/tomdroid/ui/ Put logging information at
  the relevant place.

  * src/org/tomdroid/ui/ Fixed a typo and took the
  opportunity to clarify comment

  * src/org/tomdroid/ Reverted earlier change
  not related to this branch's goal.

 2009-09-28 Olivier Bilodeau <email address hidden>

  * res/menu/main.xml: Modified.

  * res/drawable/icon_refresh.png: Renamed to

  Renamed icon icon_refresh.png to icon_sync.png and its

 2009-09-28 Olivier Bilodeau <email address hidden>

  * res/menu/main.xml,
  * res/values/strings.xml: Prettier XML

 2009-08-18 Benoit Garret <email address hidden>

  * res/drawable/icon_refresh.png: Added.

  * res/menu/main.xml,
  * res/values/strings.xml,
  * src/org/tomdroid/ui/ Modified.

  Move note loading to a menu item.

 2009-08-18 Benoit Garret <email address hidden>

  * res/menu/main.xml,
  * res/values/strings.xml,
  * src/org/tomdroid/ui/ Remove the "close" menu

  * src/org/tomdroid/ Add a database field to
  store the note content.

2009-09-28 Benoit Garret <email address hidden>

 * res/menu/main.xml,
 * res/values/strings.xml,
 * src/org/tomdroid/ui/ Remove the "close" menu item.

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483101 #483101 List parsing is incorrect 4 Medium Olivier Bilodeau  10 Fix Released
512204 #512204 Links with "-" and numbers in them 4 Medium Olivier Bilodeau  10 Fix Released
364850 #364850 title not entirely recognised/blue 5 Low Olivier Bilodeau  10 Fix Released
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