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TOSC A Parser 0.5.0 is available

Written for TOSCA Parser by Sahdev Zala on 2016-05-24

Enhancements made under 0.5.0 release:

Initial support for TOSCA Simple Profile for Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) v1.0

Support for LoadBalancer node parsing

Support of parsing triggers in policies

Implementation of PortSpec datatype

Support for range data type

Support for concat function

Support for SOURCE and TARGET in get_property and get_attribute function

Bug fixes

Doc update

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TOSCA Parser PyPI release 0.3.0

Written for TOSCA Parser by Sahdev Zala on 2015-12-03

The latest PyPI release of TOSCA Parser for TOSCA Simple Profile in YAML is now available at

This release include the following enhancements:
· Support for nested imports – allows use of importing type definition within a type definition.
· Full validation of TOSCA template – until now we were throwing error as we hit but with full validation all errors are compiled and displayed together. This will be used in heat-translator to allow user to provide an option to only validate template without actual translation.
· A new test shell entry point – a new shell command, tosca-parser, is created for testing and validating TOSCA templates.
· Support for .csar file extension – now both .zip and .csar extensions are supported for a CSAR file
· Many small fixes –
o Remove decompressed temporary directory after processing CSAR file in in unit tests in Jenkin’s environment.
o Updated trove classifier for the project.
o The tosca-parser project is added to OpenStack global requirements to automatically update requirements.
o TOSCA definition update for admin and public endpoint, and PortSpec type per the latest spec.
o New missing validation and i18n fixes.
o Updated error messages for uniform formatting across the project
o Documentation update etc.

TOSCA Parser PyPI Package

Written for TOSCA Parser by Sahdev Zala on 2015-11-05

TOSCA Parser is available as a PyPI package now. The latest stable release is 0.2.0

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