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This product offers services to help compiling and installing Truecrypt (R) volume encryption software v4.3a with minimum of effort. It also offers utilities to create, check and repair the container files.

The original source's license prohibit distribution of modified sources or modified precompiled *.deb packages under registered trademark name Truecrypt (cf. Firefox vs. Iceweasel trademark[1]). However, it is permissible for individuals to download, assemble all pieces, build the components and install the software:

    "III. Terms and Conditions for Use, Reproduction, and Distribution
    3. You are not obligated to comply with Section III.1.d if Your
    Product is not distributed (i.e., Your Product is available only
    to You)." [TrueCrypt Collective License Version 1.2; From the
    License.txt file distributed with the 4.3a sources]

This product offers utilities that automate installation and help to manage the encrypted containers. Using two programs, it is possible to create *.deb packages that can be used to install the original software independent of the used kernel version.


This product is designed to be compatible for both Debian and Ubuntu Linux using release 4.3a of the original sources. That version is no longer supported by the upstream, so use this product at your own risk. No support for newer version will ever be implemented due substantial core infrastructure changes implemented in the later versions of the original software.

The sources compile on Intel x86 and and AMD 64. No knowledge about compilation on other architectures are known. Please send patches to bug tracker if you manage to get the sources to compile.


This project was initiated to respond to releases' 4.1 - 4.3a licensing issues, which suggested that it was not allowable to distribute precompiled packages patched for new kernels under the trademarked name; thus compiled versions could only be downloaded from the official distribution site. The unavailability[2] of Debian packaging build structure for 4.1 through 4.3a hindered upgrading to newer kernel releases when no matching package was available at the official site. At that time, the original software's target of development was primarily Windows and packages for Linux were available only for specific kernel version of Ubuntu release.

Theses utilities provide a "wrapper" to build original product from source manually. This effectively solves two things: a) the distribution obstacle (these utilities can be distributed) stated in the original software's license and b) compiling and installing original product for *any* Debian or Ubuntu Linux kernel. The (b) is accomplished by providing the debian/ source build structure under the GNU GPL license.

The project's early concepts were described in articles [a1,a2,a3]. Note that the articles do not necessarily reflect the the latest development. Please refer to the manual page of tc-dpkg(1) for up to date information.


See also GUI project for 4.3a at


This product is not sponsored by, has no association with, The Truecrypt Foundation which is the legal entity of the Truecrypt (R) disk encryption software.

Truecrypt by Truecrypt Foundation is an Open Source disk encryption software which uses a concept of containers to store encrypted data. The containers (or volumes) can be read transparently under Linux and Windows. Truecrypt is registered trademark of David Tesarik (Czech Republic, Prague); See World Intellectual Property Organization registration number: IRN/925625

In accordance with the trademark laws, the trademark is used here in the context to identify services offered regarding the original product. (cf. "nominative fair use" e.g. in the US legislation; likewise in the International legislation)


R = Registered trademark

[1] Firefox vs. Iceweasel trademark discussion in debian-legal mailing list. See thread "firefox -> iceweasel package is probably not legal" 2006-12-05
See related background at and
GNU offspring project

[2] The official site's distributed source archives did not include debian/ build structure at the time of releases 4.1 - 4.3a.

[a1] "Truecrypt 4.2a and Kernel 2.6.18 and 2.6.19 support" by Jari Aalto,

[a2] "How to make *.deb packages from Truecrypt sources" by Jari Aalto,

[a3] "Using truecrypt-installer to help install Truecrypt for Debian" by Jari Aalto,

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