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I am trying to add everything I have done - but do not take this list for complete! - Olaf Noehring
+ new / added
- removed
* changed

version 0.907, 0.908:

+ Stopwords are working correctly! They are not searched for and they are not marked in the results.
* removed the "on_click" from the "search tips" link because the page is so large by now that we can open it using html - little javascript window is not enough.
* corrected the BOOLEAN SEARCH (introduced dereslash.php, and much more - search was definetely not BOOLEAN before!) Examples:
 "meyer maier" (+präsident -gründer)
 aufgeführt* >gründer
return correct results now!
* corrected indexing (special characters)
* corrected search
* corrected strip_tags
* changed some language strings in english and german
+ added some language strings in english and german
+ tested search with special characters (german, some french) - worked fine
* corected: mark all found words as search words "Präsident" and "Gründer", not only "Prädisent" ->correct the display of the search words in the results - now only the first seacrh word is correctly displayed. Code was correct, but in the wrong place
+ the page URLs below the page details are links (clickable) now since the user might be used to click on http://.... stuff
* updated install.htm

version 0.906:

+ localization complete, everything string is stored as a php variable in language.php. Very easy to translate
* reintroduced pre-made search page
* updated documentation
+ created install.htm

version 0.9beta until 0.905:

lots and lots of things I have changed ....

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