SSH Tunnel Manager version 0.7.5 now available for download

Written for Tunnel Manager by Brandon Williams on 2012-05-15

SSH Tunnel Manager allows users to easily manage a configurable list of SSH tunnels and their required keys.

This application provides support for both SSHv1 and SSHv2. It allows both local and remote port forwarding, as well as dynamic SOCKSv5 proxy tunnels. SSH keys can be registered with the program for automatic loading at startup, and tunnels can be configured to depend upon specific, registered keys.

This version adds improved Unity integration and additional language support.

Changes since version 0.7.3 include:
* Fixed bug 855215 -- add Italian catalog
* Fixed bug 851099 -- name and bindip breaks dynamic port
* Fixed bug 743827 -- support alternative location for ip command
* Fixed bug 902589 -- use checkmenuitem in status icon menu
* Fixed bug 478113 -- switch from libglade to gtk.builder
* Fixed bug 902939 -- hide main window from unity launcher
* Update de catalog

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