SSH Tunnel Manager version 0.7.3 now available for download

Written for Tunnel Manager by Brandon Williams on 2010-09-02

SSH Tunnel Manager allows users to easily manage a configurable list of SSH tunnels and their required keys.

This application provides support for both SSHv1 and SSHv2. It allows both local and remote port forwarding, as well as dynamic SOCKSv5 proxy tunnels. SSH keys can be registered with the program for automatic loading at startup, and tunnels can be configured to depend upon specific, registered keys.

This version adds minor features and additional language support to version 0.7.

Changes since version 0.7 include the following:
 * Fixed bug 538919 -- store required-key by filename
 * Fixed bug 539620 -- use ExitOnForwardFailure
 * Fixed bug 604774 -- update/add message catalogs (Czech, Polish, Brazilian Portugese, Chinese (simplified))
 * Fixed bug 594602 -- per port naming
 * Fixed bug 512938 -- no autosave on exit after reconfig
 * Fixed bug 478112 -- specify correct localization directory
 * Fixed bug 461204 -- another translation to add (Indonesian)

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