Milestones belong to a series and can be created from the series page by a project owner or series release manager.

Version Series Expected Released Summary
Tunnel Manager 0.7.7 beta None 2013-06-08 Add indicator support, since Ubuntu has decided to force app developers to do...
Tunnel Manager 0.7.6 beta None 2013-03-16
Tunnel Manager 0.7.5 beta None 2012-05-14
Tunnel Manager 0.7.4 beta None 2011-10-16 Improve support for non-Ubuntu linux distro.
Tunnel Manager 0.7.3 "0.7.3" beta None 2010-09-01 Fix some wishlist bugs.
Tunnel Manager 0.7.1 "0.7.1" beta None 2009-11-08 Fixed internationalization.
Tunnel Manager 0.7 "0.7" beta None 2009-10-16 Minor features and messages catalog updates.
Tunnel Manager 0.6 "0.6" beta None 2009-07-27 Added support for -[LRD] 'bind address' parameter and a few message catalogs.
Tunnel Manager 0.5.2 "0.5.2" beta None 2009-01-30 Fixed some bugs found in version 0.5.1.
Tunnel Manager 0.5.1 "beta release" beta None 2009-01-09 The beta release.
Tunnel Manager 0.2.1 "hardy alpha" alpha None 2009-01-09 The original 'alpha' version code.