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Tux Paint is a drawing program designed specifically for children. Its glossy interface and fun sound effects engage children, without interfering with the creative process. The interface simple and intuitive enough for children as young as 3 years old.

Tux Paint provides a drawing canvas, color palette and basic drawing tools (brush, lines, shapes, eraser, text), on which young children can explore their creativity. It also includes a set of special effect tools ("magic" tools), such as sparkles and blur, to add flare to a picture. An optional collection of over 200 pieces of photographic and drawn imagery ("stamps") can be installed, as well.

Tux the Linux Penguin presents guidance, encouragement and educational information at the bottom of the screen, and sound effects provide feedback and help keep things fun.

An optional configuration program ("Tux Paint Config") may be installed, allowing alteration of Tux Paint's default settings without having to edit a config. file by hand. There are options for full screen mode, disabling sound effects, tool simplification for younger or disabled users, and more.

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