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For the past 30-40 years, we as an electronic, networked culture have been building systems of increasing size and complexity. Ultra Large-Scale Systems are the natural descendants of this collective, amalgamated effort, yet they are nascent at best. This project is for developing code, tests, experiments, and ultimately, libraries with well-documented APIs useful for the creation of software and and content that can serve as prototypes for ultra large-scale systems.

In particular, we are examining distributed processing and fault-tolerant storage; secure communications protocols; intelligent messaging; and emergent behaviour and self-organizing principles in networks. Each of these areas covered will have one or more projects with actual, working code that explores some aspect of the problem space. The goal is to be very pragmatic in our approach and always produce something usable, if not outright useful.

It is not anticipated that there will be much code here at first, but rather that the wiki pages will provide information on how the various related projects are implementing solutions that could be used in a ULS.

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