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Beautiful, clear, libre and open font family under development by Dalton Maag specially for Ubuntu between 2010–2011 (and beyond via community expansion).

The Ubuntu Font Family will include Regular, Bold, Light and Medium weights, with italics. There will be a Monospaced member of the family for terminal applications, as well as a Condensed version for space-critical applications. A total of 13 variants!

In Ubuntu 10.10 the 'ttf-ubuntu-font-family' package is already included and installed by default; when Ubuntu 10.10 is out the package will be backported to earlier Ubuntu versions (bug #650889),

The font is released on a regular cadence, and published through Launchpad package archives. Between June 2010 and September 2010 the Ubuntu Font Family was in a phased beta process. The stylistic direction of the family had been designed during early 2010, so the focus is on ensuring that characters and glyphs render accurately, have correct spacing and are hinted optimally for display on screen. If you have the skills and would like to help debug the Ubuntu Font Family, please request to join the 'ubuntu-typeface-interest' team:

The Ubuntu Font Family is released under the terms of the Ubuntu Font Licence 1.0, and this applies to .ttf files and the source design files:

(Beta versions with the font FamilyName set to 'UbuntuBeta' remain Copyright Canonical Ltd and should not be distributed).

We would encourage you to test the font on screen and print, on different platforms and in different applications. As of August 2010, the Ubuntu Font Family contains coverage of Latin, Cyrillic and Greek in Regular, Italic, Bold and Bold Italic only. Further script coverage and variants will be worked on during 2011. From mid-/late- 2011 the font family will hopefully move to a community expansion phase, rapidly expanding its coverage of many, many more written languages.

Please ensure that all feedback contains details of:
- medium (paper or screen)
- platform (operating system including version number)
- application (including version number)
- a description of the problem
- a 'screenshot' where appropriate
- when printing please include make of printer and driver including version.

The Ubuntu Font Family releases are OpenType-based .ttf (TrueType) files. It is fully Unicode compliant. It contains Latin A and B extended character sets, Greek polytonic and Cyrillic extended. The font has been hinted for superior screen display, with its spacing and kerning being manually optimised for body copy sizes.

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