Change logs for checkbox source package in Oneiric based series for Ubuntu LEB

  • checkbox (0.12.8) oneiric; urgency=low
      New upstream release (LP: #862579):
      [Brendan Donegan]
      * Remove test for FTP connection from network_check script (LP: #854222)
      * Update a parameter in usb_test to have it run faster.
      * Remove record_playback_after_suspend from Ubuntu Friendly whitelist (LP: #855540)
      * Fix minor typo in multi-monitor friendly resolution_test script which caused
        minimum_resolution test to fail (LP: #855599)
      * Remove storage_devices_test from Ubuntu Friendly whitelist since bonnie++  (which it uses) is not installed by default (LP: #855841)
      * Changed description and name to reflect Ubuntu Friendly branding. Now when a user searches for Ubuntu Friendly in the lens, Checkbox will appear (LP: #852036)
      * Reset the selections at the test suite prompt if No is selected at the recover prompt (LP: #861208)
      * Save the connection name(s) instead of the interface name so that they can be reconnected to properly after the wireless before/after suspend tests have completed (LP: #861502)
      * Make connect_wireless use the UUID of the connection instead of the name for greater reliability (LP: #862190)
      [Daniel Manrique]
      * Restored _recover attribute, re-enabling welcome and test selection
        screens (LP: #852204)
      * Remove memory/test from the Ubuntu Friendly whitelist (LP: #853799)
      * Use diff instead of grep, better comparing of empty files (LP: #852014)
      * Apport integration: new mandatory "tag" value in ApportOptions (LP: #852201)
      * Add warning prior to starting the tests (LP: #855328)
      * Apport integration: Fix instantiation of Gtk.RadioButton, needed due
        to PyGI related API changes (LP: #805679)
      * Remove ping -R parameter that apparently caused ICMP packets to be dropped
        by some routers (LP: #861404)
      [ Evan Broder ]
      * Replace resolution_test with an implementation which uses GdkScreen to
        be multimonitor-aware (LP: #632987)
      [Jeff Lane]
      * Fix names of optical drive tests and remove a non-existing test from the
        whitelist (LP: #854808)
      * Fix wireless_*_suspend jobs so they recreate iface file instead of append
        each time (LP: #855845)
        (LP: #852201)
      * Clarify better the intend of the is_laptop question (LP: #861844)
      * Fixed dependencies for tests that depend on suspend/suspend_advanced
        (LP: #860651)
      [Tim Chen]
      * Fix cpu_scaling_test (LP: #811177)
      [Ara Pulido]
      * Avoid connect_wireless messing with AP with similar names (LP: #861538)
      * Remove bluetooth/file-transfer from the list of tests to run, since due to
        bug 834348 it always fails.
      [Marc Tardif]
      * Added support for wildcards when verifying the transport certificate.
      * Applying depends across suites (LP: #861218)
     -- Daniel Manrique <email address hidden>   Thu, 29 Sep 2011 13:12:01 -0400