Ubuntu Linaro Evaluation Build

“libxmu” 2:1.1.0-2 source package in Oneiric based series for Ubuntu LEB

Publishing history

PUBLISHED: Oneiric based series for Ubuntu LEB pocket Release in component universe and section x11
  • Published on 2011-10-21
  • Copied from ubuntu oneiric in Primary Archive for Ubuntu


libxmu (2:1.1.0-2) unstable; urgency=low

  [ Christopher James Halse Rogers ]
  * debian/patches/01_dont_export_private_deps.patch:
    - The Xmu.h header uses libXt symbols in a #define, so libXt is not a 
      private dep.  With binutils-gold, the indirect dependency on Xt is not
      considered when linking with Xmu so this causes build failures.

  [ Julien Cristau ]
  * Drop Pre-Depends on x11-common, only needed for upgrades from the
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