First upload of the maintenance-check script

Written for Ubuntu maintenance check by Nick Barcet on 2008-11-27

I have been working on a script that provides a list of packages that are installed on a machine and reports its maintenance status.
It is not yet completely tested, but I guess you could help me find if there is something wrong with it.

usage: maintenance-check [-f] [release [release...]]

release Specifies the release to parse from.
Defaults to the system release
-f, --filter value possible values are:
n - not officially maintained
u - ubuntu desktop
k - kubuntu desktop
s - ubuntu server

Known issues:
* For releases prior to Hardy, I have yet to modify the seed structure
so that I can distinguish between what's not shipped on cd but supported
and what's not supported at all, so some packages may show as
unsupported while they should.
* Due to the way kernels are updated, the updated kernel packages are
shown as unsupported while they of course are.

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