Ubuntu Single Sign On Client 2.99.92

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Ubuntu Single Sign On Client
Natalia Bidart
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Release v2.99.92.


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[ Alejandro J. Cura <email address hidden> ]
  - Make windows Keyring no longer depend on twisted (LP: #969159).
  - Daemonize the network state thread under windows (LP: #963404).

[ Diego Sarmentero <email address hidden> ]
  - Setting the style directly to the widget to remove the one
    from the application (LP: #969455).
  - Converting to unicode some data returned by webclient in
    QByteArray format (LP: #961315).
  - Adding ubuntu_sso.qt.main module to the setup script (LP: #965377).
  - Fixed the backend getting stuck installing the qtreactor before
    the qt process is executed and running the application in the
    twisted process (this fix affects only Windows OS).

[ Manuel de la Pena <email address hidden> ]
  - Fixed the issue where we use an empty proxy url when the proxy
    was not set in gsettings (LP: #969280).
  - Changed the way in which the proxy settings are retrieved on
    windows to ensure that proxy() returns the correct one and not a
    null initialized one. This fixes the creds retrieval issue
    because the hostName is not longer '' (LP: #958938).
  - Fixed dialog on window by using show so that the QEventLoop
    does not block the execution of the main loop of the reactor
    which did not allow the deferreds to be fired (LP: #960481).

[ Roberto Alsina <email address hidden> ]
   - Forced white background (LP: #961346).

0 blueprints and 11 bugs targeted

Bug report Importance Assignee Status
969280 #969280 If http_proxy is enabled then an incorrect assumption about https_proxy is made 3 High Manuel de la Peña  10 Fix Released
961346 #961346 Qt client looks bad with dark color schemes 4 Medium Roberto Alsina  10 Fix Released
951461 #951461 Sign-in button is not active 1 Undecided   10 Fix Released
958938 #958938 On windows, the proxy credentials cannot be retrieved 1 Undecided   10 Fix Released
960481 #960481 Proxy credentials dialog does not work on windows 1 Undecided   10 Fix Released
961315 #961315 Qt UI: when resetting my password using an invalid reset code, the operation fails and no error is shown 1 Undecided   10 Fix Released
961511 #961511 Backend get stuck and the ui is not responding 1 Undecided   10 Fix Released
963404 #963404 On windows, syncdaemon can't be stopped. 1 Undecided   10 Fix Released
965377 #965377 SSO is not working 1 Undecided   10 Fix Released
969159 #969159 Windows keyring uses twisted deferToThreads even when no reactor is installed 1 Undecided   10 Fix Released
969455 #969455 The loading overlay is not transparent anymore 1 Undecided   10 Fix Released
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