Natty Translations Plans I: Translations Stories

Written for Ubuntu Translations by David Planella on 2010-12-03

One of the projects we're working on the translations community this
cycle are Translations Stories [1].

We'd like to show how translations change people's lives for the best,
and how the work of translators has an impact on that. We'd like to
share our excitement and highlight the awesome work translators do, and
we thought that articles with translations stories would be the perfect
vehicle for that.

In order to achieve this, we need your help. You don't have to be a
translator for this: you only need a few spare hours and be willing to
give back to the project contributing on this effort to raise awareness
on translations.

If you are a team coordinator, please help us by signing up for a story,
or finding someone else in your team or LoCo who'd like to do it. I
might also get in touch with you directly.


Do you want to submit a story to let everyone know about the fantastic
work the translation team in your language is doing? Well, that's easy!

      * Sign up. Sign up for writing a translations story on this wiki
        page by adding your name to the list there:
      * Research. Think about what you want to write, and get some
        information. The Get inspired section below should give you a
        few pointers to get you started.
      * Write a Story. Write a short article highlighting an area of
        your choice related to translations. Don't forget to add a
      * Send the Story. Send me your story (david (DOT) planella (AT)
        ubuntu (DOT) com) adding the word [STORY] to the e-mail's
        subject. I'll then take care of publishing it to Ubuntu News,
        Ubuntu Planet and to the translators Facebook page.

Get inspired

Here are some ideas about what you can write about:

      * Schools with Ubuntu in your language: Check out the schools
        using Ubuntu in your language. Get in touch with them to get
        more information and write how they are using Ubuntu.
      * Translation Jams: Did you run a translation jam during the
        UbuntuGlobalJam or at any other time? Tell us how it went!
      * Statistics: Did your team had a whooping increase in translation
        coverage since the last release? Tell us how you dit it and
        promote some healthy competition among teams.
      * Interviews: Interview and tell us about people being able to use
        Ubuntu in their language
      * Workflow: Are you particularly proud about your successful
        translation workflow and would like to show it to other teams?
        Write an article and let everyone know!
      * Be creative: There are lots more of other subjects or areas
        where we can highlight the work of translators and their impact
        on people's lives. Use your imagination as a source for stories!

Stay tuned for more news on this effort. We'll soon be publishing some
guidelines on how to write good translations stories to help you making
them even more awesome.

Are you going to be the first to send one? Looking forward to reading

You will find more details and links here [2]



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