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hugin (2010.4.0+dfsg-1) experimental; urgency=low

  * Drop Cyril Brulebois from Uploaders. Thank you very much for your work.
  * Bump package version. (rc3 was re-released as 2010.4.0).

hugin (2010.4.0+dfsg~rc3-1) experimental; urgency=low

  * New upstream version.
  * Use debhelper v7.

hugin (2010.4.0+dfsg~rc1-1) experimental; urgency=low

  * New upstream version.

hugin (2010.4.0+dfsg~beta2-1) experimental; urgency=low

  * New upstream version.
  * Drop patches included upstream: 51_initializecp-prefs.diff, 
  * Unfuzz 45_autopano-noop.sh_withoutshextension.
  * [debian/copyright] Refresh list of upstream authors from authors.txt.
  * Invoke dh_makeshlibs with --noscripts option to get rid of lintian
    warnings post(inst|rm)-has-useless-call-to-ldconfig. (The program is still
    necessary to make dh_shlibdeps aware of the private libraries without

hugin (2010.4.0+dfsg~beta1-2) experimental; urgency=low

  * [52_build_on_kFreeBSD] Should fix building on GNU/kFreeBSD.
  * Amend package descriptions, adding missing tools and sorting the list.
    (Thanks, Yuval Levy)

hugin (2010.4.0+dfsg~beta1-1) experimental; urgency=low

  * New upstream version.
  * Update build-depends, adding multiple newly required boost modules.
  * Drop 20_invalidexiforientation.patch, included upstream.
  * Refresh patches.
  * Install newly available binaries and manpages (checkpto, cpfind and
  * Drop unused lintian overrides, private shared libraries are not installed
    in /usr/lib anymore.
  * [51_initializecp-prefs.diff] Pulled from upstream HG. Correctly initialize
    list of cp-detectors on fresh installs. See
  * Minor updates for debian/rules.
  * debian/control: Fix nona description. Its main purpose is remapping, not
  * Add menu entry for PTBatcherGUI.

hugin (2010.2.0+dfsg~rc2-2) experimental; urgency=low

  * [20_invalidexiforientation.patch, pulled from upstream HG] Fix crash on
    loading images with invalid (empty but existing) Exif orientation tag.
  * Reorder suggests to prefer autopano-sift-c over autopano-sift. Install
    time defaults are set up for autopano-sift-c. Closes: #405862
  * Remove Florent Bayle from Uploaders. Thank you for your work.
    Closes: #554062
  * Improve on short package descriptions. Closes: #603768
 -- Yuv <email address hidden>   Tue,  01 Feb 2011 11:17:54 +0000

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