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ample (0.5.7-6) unstable; urgency=low

  * debian/postrm 
    + remove /var/run/ample just at remove/purge.
    + delete /var/run/ample dpkg-statoverride entry if exists.
  * Delete changes made it directly to .diff.gz, this changes was introduced
    to clean some warnings for unused variables.
  * debian/postinst
    + don't override ownership of /var/run/ample if it has a
      dpkg-statoverride entry.
    + add 'set -e' 
    + create /var/run/ample at configure since previous postrm remove the dir
      even on upgrade.
  * debian/rules - use -R option at dh_installinit to minimize the downtime on
  * add_pidfile_option.patch 
    + use EXIT_SUCESS with exit() 
    + Don't require arguments at do_pidfile
    + Improve help output.
    + check for errors in do_pidfile
    + merge with add_i_pidfile_option.patch
  * debian/copyright - add umlaut to upstream's name
  * debian/init.d - remove $RETEVAL Workaround 
  * debian/NEWS.Debian - Improve wording 

ample (0.5.7-5) unstable; urgency=low

  * Don't ignore errors when building SUBDIRS 
    Thanks goes to Martin Koeppe (Closes: #488204)
    + makefile_build_subdirs.patch added
  * set standard-versions to 3.8.0
    + add README.source
    + Promote Homepage pseudo field to a source field
  * set debhelper compat level to 7
  * Add ${misc:Depends} to Depends field
  * Remove noopt catch from debian/rules, dpkg-buildpackage can 
    do the job
  * Cosmetical changes to debian/rules
  * Split changes from .diff.gz
    + add makefile_debian_location.path
  * Add a small patch to correct minus as hyphen at ample.conf.5
    + hyphen_as_minus.patch
  * Install an example config file at /etc/ample/ample.conf;
    install init.d script, and /etc/default/ample
    also include  add_pidfile_option.patch to add -i option
    to write a pidfile. (Closes: #456002)
  * add NEWS.Debian; noting about the add of -i option
  * Remove README.Debian - most info is included in NEWS.Debian
  * add_i_option_to_manpage.patch added

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