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libextractor-java (0.5.18-8) unstable; urgency=low

  * Removing not required sourcedir parameter from dh_install override.
  * Updating to standards version 3.8.3.
  * Adding maintainer homepage field to control.
  * Marking maintainer homepage field to be also included in binary
    packages and changelog.
  * Adding README.source.
  * Simplifying autotools handling in rules.
  * Adding explicit debian source version 1.0 until switch to 3.0.
  * Updating year in copyright file.
  * Moving maintainer homepage from control to copyright.
  * Updating README.source.
  * Updating to standards 3.8.4.
  * Updating year in copyright version.
  * Bumping versioned build-depends on debhelper.
  * Dropping la files.
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