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recutils (1.5-1) unstable; urgency=low

  * New upstream release
    - Version 1.5 (13 January 2012)
    - The utilities will now ask interactively for a password
      if it was not provided with the -s command line option.
      This avoids security problems related to shell history files.
    - Support for octal and hexadecimal numbers has been added.
      They can be used in both the records and selection expressions.
    - It is now possible to select a given number of random records
      in many of the utilities using the -m command line option.
    - The -n option now accepts a list of indexes, supporting ranges.
    - The new -U (uniq) option for recsel removes duplicated fields
      in the output records.
    - The new -q option allows to quickly search for the desired record
      without having to provide a complete selection expression.
    - Auto generated fields are now considered integers by default.
      This avoids repetitive patterns involving %auto and %type.
    - Tab characters are now allowed in blank lines betwwen records.
    - The API in rec.h is now better documented with comments, and improved.
    - recfix now exits with an error status
      if there is a parse error in some input file.
    - The usage of the internal data structures has been _vastly_ improved,
      resulting in a much faster operation.
    - Internal cleanup and code factorization.
    - Many, many, many bug fixes :D 
  * debian/patches
    - removed all patches which are now fixed in the 1.5 release
    - added mdbtools-0.7-fix (Closes: #655780)
      until upstream supports both versions
      of the backwards incompatible API change of mdbtools. 
  * debian/control
     - Adding "libreadline-dev" to Build-Depends
       Used for interactive prompting and upstream
       is going to use it more in future releases
  * "" already dropped in 1.3-12 (Closes: #633238)

 -- Sven Wick <email address hidden>  Fri, 20 Jan 2012 16:04:02 +0100

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