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tickr (0.6.0-2) unstable; urgency=low

  * Complete quick_feed_picker() stuff in tickr_quickfeedpicker.c.

  * Swap win32 log files every hour to prevent generating huge ones.
    Finally fix an old bug on win32.

  * Several little improvements/fixes in tickr_feedpicker.c.

  * New type FList (feed doubly-linked list) and associated functions
    f_list_*() in tickr_list.c. Will replace confusing: char url_array[] /
    char *p_url[] / char **p_url stuff in: tickr_main.c, tickr_feedpicker.c,
    tickr_opml.c and tickr_resource.c.

  * Renaming 2 src files:
    - tickr_rss.c -> tickr_feedparser.c
    - tickr_rsswin.c -> tickr_feedpicker.c

  * Add new func: win_with_progress_bar() (in tickr_otherwins.c) and use
    it in feed list import thing (in tickr_opml.c) instead of
    not-spinning-as-expected win_with_spinner().

  * When opening the feed picker dialog, highlight and scroll to current
    feed, plus several extra fixes and tweaks (in tickr_rsswin.c.)

  * Add new func: highlight_and_go_to_row() (in tickr_quickfeedpicker.c.)

  * Add new func: get_feed_index_in_selection() (in tickr_resource.c.)

  * Add new module and func: tickr_quickfeedpicker.c: quick_feed_picker().

  * Add new func: question_win_at().

  * Move 'Import/Export Preferences' from 'File' to 'Edit' in menu layout.

  * Check/improve tickr_socket.c code and move typedefs, prototypes,
    error codes, ... for tickr_socket.c into tickr_socket.h for
    modularity sake.

  * Pause tickr (on mouse-over AND) when popup menu is opened.

  * Change big_error() function (and prototype in libetm-0-4.3) to
    handle variable number of args / change warning() the same way.

  * Add new func: try_str_to_utf8() in tickr_rss.c
    -> try to fix string when utf-8 validation fails.

  * Add new func: remove_trailing_whitespaces_from_str(char *) in


  * Change main window title:
    'app name and version num  |  feed title / file name'
    'feed title / file name  |  app name and version num'

  * In libetm-0.4.3:
    - Compile with win32_specific.c only on win32 (fix empty unit
    - get_libetm_version() (function name modified.)

  * Fix a typo in debian/control Build-Depends:
    'debhelper (>= 7.O.50~)' instead of 'debhelper (>= 7.0.50~)'
    which only shows up when trying to build for Lucid.

  * Split tickr_http.c into tickr_http.c and tickr_socket.c.

  * libetm-0.4.2 -> libetm-0.4.3:
    Replace KB, MB, GB, TB with KiB, MiB, GiB, TiB.

 -- Emmanuel Thomas-Maurin <email address hidden>  Wed, 07 Mar 2012 00:48:53 +0100

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