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gnomeradio (1.8-2ubuntu1) precise; urgency=low

  * debian/patches/gnomeradio-volume_button.patch: replace BaconVolumeButton
    with GtkVolumeButton (LP: #957867)
  * debian/patches/gnomeradio-gtk3.patch: resolve build warnings about is used
    deprecated GTK 3 API (LP: #954993)
  * debian/patches/gnomeradio-draw_signal.patch: fixed problems with GTK 3
    events and signals (LP: #955462)
  * debian/patches/gnomeradio-gstreamer.patch: use standard gstreamer functions
    to parse a description
  * debian/patches/gnomeradio-v4l2.patch: changed defaults autodetection driver
    for using v4l2 (LP: #958030)
  * debian/patches/gnomeradio-lirc.patch: add a lirc command "toggle visible"
  * debian/control: update to starndards-version 3.9.3, changes needed
    + modify Maintainer value to match the Debian Maintainer Field specification
    + moved project homepage field from description to new location.
    + add suggests field: lirc-x
 -- POJAR GEORGE <email address hidden>   Mon, 19 Mar 2012 08:17:36 +0100

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