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elektra (0.8.14-5) unstable; urgency=medium

  * Replace patch lua-fix-Key-tostring.diff with upstream
  * Replace patches python-fix-flags-in-Key.diff and lua-fix-flags-in-Key.diff
    with upstream upstream_bindings-fix-size-of-KEY_FLAGS-value.patch.
  * Enable the augeas plugin:
    - add the libaugeas-dev build dependency
    - create a new libelektra4-augeas package
  * Create a new libelektra4-lua for the lua plugin.
  * Create a new libelektra4-python for the python plugin.
  * Improve the handling:
    - move it from elektra-bin to libelektra4, adding proper breaks/replaces
    - help dh_shlibdeps finding it
    - exclude it from the shared libraries (dh_makeshlibs job)
  * Enable the Qt gui:
    - add the qtbase-dev, qtdeclarative5-dev, libmarkdown2-dev, and discount
      build dependencies
    - create a new elektra-qt-gui package
  * Link in as-needed mode.
  * Add in libelektra4 all the plugins as suggests.
  * Backport upstream commit b547ec94840f155c0fe517afdcf46043a99c8b04 to mark
    the convert-hosts script as bash-specific; patch

 -- Pino Toscano <email address hidden>  Sun, 13 Dec 2015 20:40:57 +0100

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