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ubuntu-image (1.0+17.04ubuntu1) zesty; urgency=medium

  * Exit with a console message instead of crashing when the contents of a
    partition does not fit within the specified size.  (LP: #1666580)
  * Don't install an unusable global flake8 extension.  (LP: #1631156)
  * Fix the autopkgtests to use --output-dir instead of the obsolete
    --output command line switch.  (LP: #1667140)
  * Added ``--image-file-list`` command line argument to record the paths
    of all the disk image files written.
  * Added an autopkgtest to prove that generated images can be
    successfully booted (on amd64 only).  (LP: #1625732)
  * Add an autopkgtest for ensuring each PR has a changelog entry and a bug
    linked to it.  (LP: #1655671)
  * Make ubuntu-image a classic confinement snap.  (LP: #1638645)

 -- Barry Warsaw <email address hidden>  Wed, 22 Feb 2017 11:30:01 -0500

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