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unattended-upgrades (1.5ubuntu3) cosmic; urgency=medium

  * Skip already adjusted packages from being checked for readjusting.
    This makes it clearer that the recursion ends and can also be a bit quicker.
    (LP: #1790687)
  * Fix PEP 8 warnings.
    Also ignore "W503 line break before binary operator" because it will
    become the best practice.
  * Don't crash on missing dpkg log file (LP: #1795692)
  * do_auto_remove() is successful unless a commit() operation fails
    (LP: #1795696)
  * Check only dowloaded .deb files for conffile prompts (LP: #1796100)

 -- Balint Reczey <email address hidden>  Sun, 07 Oct 2018 23:16:17 +0200

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