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PPA name Description Sources Binaries
asus-oled-dkms ASUS OLED driver 1 1
Ubuntu Nexus7 Desktop Installer A PPA which provides a desktop one-click solution for installi... 2 12
eeepc-1015PN vga helper scripts The packages provided in this PPA are GUI helper scripts to se... 4 32
rog-core A tool for ASUS Zephyrus laptops 1 1
ASUS laptop modifi Modification of some packages, to make devices, such as USB 3.... 1 10
AU6601 driver Driver for the AU6601 SD card reader present in the Asus UX302... 1 5
Asus T91MT Ubuntu Netbook Remix This PPA contains packages related to running Ubuntu Netbook R... 1 3
Extended DDC Probing (Oneiric) Ubuntu kernel packages to backport upstream patches drm/r... 1 104
Extra Drivers This archive contains drivers that are not available in the Ub... 2 6
PPA for Eee PC T101MT support PPA for support of Ubuntu on the ASUS Eee PC T101MT. For more... 9 34
Ubuntu Nexus7 PPA A PPA For Ubuntu on the Asus Nexus7 15 104
mt7610u-dkms mt7610u-dkms for ASUS AC51 WiFi dongle for Ubuntu 18.04 driver... 1 1
asus 1 1
FLOZz's PPA This PPA contain ubuntu package of my softwares... 6 53
planktum 7 12
unicap 5 35
Default PPA for Felix Lechner This PPA serves as a general-purpose repository. 4 4
Main repository 2 16
PPA for Marco Giorgi Marco Giorgi's PPA :) ------------------------------------- F... 11 54
Packages to make my life easier 1 1
ROS Indigo Igloo Upstream ROS Indigo Igloo packages maintained for satisfying d... 302 350
ROS Packages Upstream ROS packages maintained for satisfying dependencies o... 443 521
eeepc 3 15
123 of 23 results