Personal Package Archives for Ubuntu

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PPA name Description Sources Binaries
CDRTools This PPA contains builds of CDRTools and Smake. CDRTools has b... 2 56
Baltix oem-archive (no translations and changelogs) Workaround for pkgstripfiles feature "don't do anything for PP... 14 61
GNOME Stracciatella PPA 21 99
MATE Extras 17 43
Staging PPA for Bilal Akhtar This PPA is for staging builds in launchpad. Please do not use... 24 38
linux kernel bleed Lastest linux kernel for Lucid. 7 218
GNOME Backports Backports of GNOME packages. This is for my personal use. Don'... 60 386
MATE Desktop Packages are un-official and will not be supported by the MATE... 77 201
appcel 21 152
gir-multiarch 81 432
110 of 10 results