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Chromium Dev branch This PPA contains the latest Chromium Dev builds, with hardwar... 6 120
Chromium Beta branch This PPA contains the latest Chromium Beta builds, with hardwa... 4 62
Stable release Chromium for Ubuntu with VA-API Stable release Chromium based on packaging from https://launch... 1 5
Chromium PPA Chromium (what Chrome is based on) packages for Ubuntu. Update... 1 14
[ABANDONED] Chromium in deb format with VAAPI support ==NOTICE== This PPA was abandoned at the end of 2020 and proba... 1 10
Pepper Flash installer for Precise Backport to Precise of packages of the PPA: https://launchpad.... 1 1
Chromium - Stable Channel This PPA is dead. Don't expect updates here. Stable updates g... 3 94
PPA for chromium-browser in .deb form Since Ubuntu 20.04, Ubuntu only ships chromium-browser in .sna... 1 9
Chromium (stable) While Chromium Team won't release new versions of Chromium bro... 1 21
debomium: Debian's Chromium on Ubuntu Chromium as if it were a sync from Debian. Not intended for ge... 1 6
Chromium - Beta Channel The focus of chromium work is on Stable, but Dev and Beta can ... 2 59
Chromium - Dev Channel The focus of chromium work is on Stable, but Dev and Beta can ... 2 52
chromium-browser-beta-daily This tests Chromium features approximately 6 weeks before they... 1 18
chromium-browser-dev-daily This tests Chromium features approximately 12 weeks before the... 1 18
Chromium PPA for Precise This PPA has the purpose of offering working Chromium builds, ... 2 118
Pepper Flash installer 2016 OCTOBER 26 -- UPDATE As of Google Chrome version 54, the... 1 2
chromium-browser-stable-daily This PPA only holds broken code. You probably want to try htt... 3 12
Chromium Thai Stable Chromium from Stable Channel with Thai language workaround 1 30
chromium-thai-ppa Chromium from Develop Channel with Thai language workaround 3 44
Chromium armhf chromium-browser on Raspberry Pi, raspbian stretch. 3 35
chromium-31 Chromium web browser version 31.0.1650.57 (pre-aura) Use at yo... 1 9
Alt-OS Chromuim This PPA is providing latest stable version of Chromium browser. 2 16
Chromium (dev) Ubuntu do keep the 'stable' updated regularly and issued as pa... 1 28
chromium No-change rebuild of chromium from current Debian unstable ver... 1 12
random crack *** ABORT MISSION *** Don’t use this PPA to get the latest Ch... 2 6
AppUpdate Stable Ubuntu AppUpdate has been discontinued. More info: http://ubu... 101 285
AppUpdate Testing Ubuntu AppUpdate has been discontinued. More info: http://ubu... 108 302
Fonts A collection of various font packages. == NOTICE == The fonts... 4 24
Ice-Chrome Modified version of PeppermintOS Four's Ice application - to c... 2 2
Peppermint 7 Pepperflash Contains a modified version of Bunsen Labs "bunsen-pepperflash... 1 1
Unstable builds of iridium-browser NOTICE: This PPA is no longer actively maintained, official do... 1 36
X11 cmt input driver The chromium OS X11 touchpad driver for Linux 3 15
miniljail The minijail from Chromium OS with some quick'n'dirty Ubuntu p... 1 8
pachulo PPA for OpenSC backports Version with support for the dnie. More information on how to ... 1 2
unused "daily" This PPA is dead. 2 56
Chromium beta 1 18
Chromium dev 1 18
PPA for AIT Some backports of packages that I use everyday. 29 93
PPA for Projeto E-JOVEM 16 52
Testing On hiatus 69 520
horizon The wild west. Do not use. 1 9
stage for security updates Testing site just before upload to Ubuntu main. Things here ar... 1 18
Andronix Chromium 2 58
Andronix Chromium ARM32 2 116
Andronix Chromium Universal 2 116
Andronix Chromium X86-64 2 58
Andronix Chromium i386 2 116
Chrome We upload Chrome here so we can stick to versions that definit... 10 32
Experimental-PPA 102 894
Packages for focal Packages in support of our work at Jefferson Lab. These are m... 10 11
Staging PPA Testing area for Yola PPA packages 34 228
Test Random dumping ground. NSFW. 6 48
Yola Yola PPA 33 197
programas Pacotes de aplicativos para Escritório. 8 109
KaliBuntu kali linux tools for ubuntu 284 277
chaos-ppa Cyber Sec Custom Linux Distributions! Open source tools! Open ... 288 301
darkminttrustytahr DarkMint Trusty Tahr D4RkNiK0l4s Black Hat Sec Comunit... 190 190
darksmsaucy DarkMint 1.0 D4RkNiK0l4s Black Hat Sec Comunity!!! ht... 193 196
nss 3.12.3 transition (ABANDONED) 6 75
Borea OS LXDE A collection of gtk2 apps for improved speed on a distro based... 38 209
Chromium ntlm sso Automatic NTLM authentication using Samba ntlm_auth 2 9
Estobuntu PPA Estobuntu jooksvad paketid elik operatiivsed uuendused 36 163
Linaro Kernel PPA Archive for the kernel packages produced by the Ubuntu Package... 24 112
PPA for Ken VanDine 9 59
TI OMAP trunk PPA This PPA contains packages for TI OMAP content built for Ubunt... 82 754
Testing PPA (without dependencies) I'll put here packages to test before moving them to the corre... 2 31
Ubuntu Packages (Installed by default) The Ubuntu Packages used in releases. 3 16
garrick714 8 54
preview This is the preview for Unity WebApps for Ubuntu Quantal (12.1... 33 317
PPA for Rhett Oracle 1 5
Test PPA (DO NOT USE) Test PPA (DO NOT USE) 2 12
Chromium Browser with VAAPI 1 5
Chromium on Pi 1 5
Chromium with VAAPI support 1 5
PPA Don't enable this source as is, you might pull in packages you... 2 6
175 of 153 results