Personal Package Archives for Ubuntu

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PPA name Description Sources Binaries
Additional software for Baltix and Ubuntu Linux systems Software packages for Baltix GNU/Linux (see http://launchpad.n... 216 1687
CNC / 3D printing stuff 4 6
Community Extras This repository provides packages for FreeCAD community testin... 32 258
FreeCAD Daily Builds Ubuntu daily builds of FreeCAD. These packages are generated b... 7 266
FreeCAD Stable Releases This PPA repository hosts stable releases of FreeCAD for all s... 6 260
FreeCAD Staging A testing PPA for when a proposed change is too big or dangero... 6 117
ppa Personal testing PPA. 8 269
ros-bionic ros-bionic contains Debian official packages (plus some extras... 4 16
18 of 8 results