Personal Package Archives for Ubuntu

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PPA name Description Sources Binaries
gopenvpn gopenvpn is a simple graphical front-end for OpenVPN, the open... 1 2
A Few mods for saucy making some changes Nautilus  toolbar adjust, open with on di... 11 72
Gnome-Mplayer Development These are bot-created development snapshots of Gnome-Mplayer. ... 3 114
Unity with systray whitelist This does not enable anything in the whitelist other than the ... 1 13
Backports Backported patches and fixes. It is generally safe to use thi... 9 50
GNOME Shell 15 97
GNOME3 Before upgrading your system to a new Ubuntu release (i.e. fro... 188 2127
GNOME3 Staging This PPA will be used to test uploads before they are copied t... 152 1560
linvinus some backports and custom builds 4 22
Daily Builds of Unity 2D To install Unity 2D, type the following commands in a terminal... 18 106
PPA for Didier Roche 30 182
PPA named upstart-daily-build for Upstart Developers 3 28
Upstart daily builds Non-virtualised PPA for Upstart daily builds. 4 34
Potentially pretty unstable stuff According to its name, it is risky but cool stuff if it works ... 252 1316
Shotwell for Lucid and Maverick This PPA contains Shotwell 0.11 built for Ubuntu Lucid 10.04 L... 7 53
115 of 15 results