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Linux::Info Linux::Info is a Perl distribution to gather different Linux s... 1 1
Build tools Build tools for current and past Ubuntu releases. This current... 6 90
ElasticSearch ElasticSearch is a distributed RESTful search engine built for... 1 2
External dependencies for VP1Light In this PPA I collect all of the external dependencies of the ... 7 44
JAGS Wiener module The JAGS Wiener module is an extension for JAGS, which provide... 1 4
ArpmanetDC An awesome UDP-based peer-to-peer-plus-direct-connect applicat... 1 3
Backports of Inkscape stable releases This is a (semi)-official PPA with Inkscape backports for all ... 1 4
Centrych Packages These packages have been modified by the Centrych project team... 34 100
Frank Maker UFTP is an encrypted multicast file transfer program, designed... 1 1
Guadalinex Configuration System This PPA contains my branches of GCS (Guadalinex Configuration... 1 5
IGTF profiles for Authority Root Certificates The International Grid Trust Federation (IGTF) maintains a co... 1 10
Mahjong Night This repository is created to keep latest versions of Mahjong ... 2 13
PPA for Attila Hammer Personal repository for Belin (special version of Ubuntu distr... 18 192
Qt Webkit Kiosk browser This is simple browser application written on Qt & QtWebkit. ... 3 8
Thunar 1.6.10+patch1 (2016-09-07) ***UPDATED (2017-09-07)*** [ENGLISH/INGLÊS] THIS PPA IS DEPREC... 1 21
entropybroker Entropy Broker is an infrastructure for distributing cryptogra... 1 15
UNetbootin PPA UNetbootin is a cross-platform ut... 1 42
Apache HBase Distributed, scalable, big data store. Use Apache HBase when y... 1 2
Apache Storm Packaging for Apache Storm distributed realtime computation sy... 1 2
Apache Zookeeper Apache ZooKeeper is an effort to develop and maintain an open-... 1 11
Bang Linux A PPA repository for the bang! Linux Distribution 7 7
I2P Packages Within this PPA are packages of I2P and Syndie for use with Ub... 3 71
Launchpad PPA for konoha-0.5 packages PPA for konoha-0.5 package distribution. 11 11
Odemis proposed First stage PPA for testing packages before full distribution. 12 99
PPA for Electric Sheep The FLAM3 rendering engine and the Electric Sheep distributed ... 2 4
Panto Experimental tools Repo ██████╗ █████╗███╗ ██████████╗██████╗ ██╔══████╔══██████╗ █... 20 25
Python packages Theses packages fill the gap that exists between pypi packages... 9 49
Quassel A modern, cross-platform, distributed IRC client, meaning that... 1 8
Salt Depends This PPA contains packages that are required to build and run ... 4 59
Staging PPA for fixes-1 mythtv This is the building PPA for the fixes-1 branch. If you are ad... 1 26
arm-security onion Security Onion Network as a sensor ARM builds for IDS (Intrusi... 69 96
bearded wookie distributed configuration management service with no required ... 1 1
cocaine Cocaine is your personal app engine. Technically speaking, it’... 9 27
dcc Distributed Checksum Clearinghouses 1 3
elemental releases Elemental is a distributed-memory library for (arbitrary-preci... 1 2
gearman The C implementation of the gearman distributed job server. 1 21 Ubuntu package for HFM.NET - Client Monitoring Applic... 1 6
megacron Distributed Cron Replacement 1 1
nsq A realtime distributed messaging platform 1 10
prime_server A non-blocking (web)server API for distributed computing and S... 5 42
shlac ShLAC - [SH]lac [L]ike [A]s [C]ron (Distributed and concurrenc... 1 1
shlanc [SH]lanc [L]ike [A]s [N]ot [C]ron (Distributed and concurrency... 1 1
ssmrandom SSM (Source Specific Multicast) entropy distribution, cf http:... 1 2
staging PPA for master builds This is the building PPA for master. If you are adding this PP... 2 50
Aacraid Drivers This PPA is to distribute latest aacraid drivers from Microsem... 1 6
Advanced Comic Book Format Advanced Comic Book Format (ACBF) specification is a distribut... 2 25
Agros2D Agros2D is a multiplatform C++ application for the solution of... 1 12
AllTray PPA This PPA houses builds of AllTray for various Ubuntu distribut... 3 13
Ape's custom packages Sometimes I can't find the package I am looking for or I might... 6 17
Artha ~ The Open Thesaurus A personal package archive for distributing the latest debian ... 1 4
Asix AX88179 kernel module *** These packages are not maintained any longer. ... 1 3
Asterisk 13 LTS Latest Asterisk LTS build for xenial This version of Asterisk... 2 30
Asymptote This PPA strives at providing a more recent build of asymptote... 1 14
AutoG Autog is aimed at increasing the productivity of the grader. I... 1 4
Autopilot 1.4 packages This PPA contains packages for the 1.4 version of autopilot. T... 5 29
BUC Customizer BUC Customizer ============== Description ----------- Handy t... 1 4
BackBox Linux PPA BackBox Linux - Flexible Penetration Testing Distribution 9 9
BackBox Linux v1 (deprecated) Free and Open Source Penetration Testing Distribution - https:... 48 57
BackBox Linux v2 (deprecated) Free and Open Source Penetration Testing Distribution - https:... 56 102
BackBox Linux v3 (deprecated) Free and Open Source Penetration Testing Distribution - https:... 108 155
BackBox Linux v4 (deprecated) Free and Open Source Penetration Testing Distribution - https:... 64 120
BackBox Linux v5 (stable) Free and Open Source Penetration Testing Distribution - https:... 46 94
BeLin testing repository BeLin hungarian distribution testing repository 21 116
Blender A revival of Irie Shinsuke's PPA: Blender is compiled with all... 25 306
Build Dependencies for Neo@NHNG's PPA This PPA contains packages that are needed as build dependenci... 1 2
CI support packages for Tectonic Tectonic builds on Travis CI using Xenial Xerus, but requires ... 2 9
Canon printer driver Fork of the PPA : 18 618
Chromograph The project tries to implement basic functionality to graph ch... 1 7
Cinnamon Stable PPA Considering the lack of an Utopic Cinnamon PPA, I decided to b... 29 114
Community Tools Tools developed in OEM Services that are publicly distributed ... 5 26
Consul Consul is a tool for service discovery and configuration. Cons... 1 2
Custom package for Fairphone 2's Ubuntu touch This PPA contains packages which are tested and distributed (i... 5 94
Cybernux OS Packages for Cybernux OS, which is based on Ubuntu. Cybernux O... 10 32
DF-SHOW A PPA for the distribution of the DF-SHOW file manager. 1 6
DICOM Support This PPA helps streamline DICOM support on Debian distribution... 2 6
175 of 1241 results