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Linux::Info Linux::Info is a Perl distribution to gather different Linux s... 1 1
Build tools Build tools for current and past Ubuntu releases. This current... 6 89
ElasticSearch ElasticSearch is a distributed RESTful search engine built for... 1 2
JAGS Wiener module The JAGS Wiener module is an extension for JAGS, which provide... 1 4
ArpmanetDC An awesome UDP-based peer-to-peer-plus-direct-connect applicat... 1 3
Backports of Inkscape stable releases This is a (semi)-official PPA with Inkscape backports for all ... 1 4
Centrych Packages These packages have been modified by the Centrych project team... 35 113
Frank Maker UFTP is an encrypted multicast file transfer program, designed... 1 1
Guadalinex Configuration System This PPA contains my branches of GCS (Guadalinex Configuration... 1 5
IGTF profiles for Authority Root Certificates The International Grid Trust Federation (IGTF) maintains a co... 1 10
Mahjong Night This repository is created to keep latest versions of Mahjong ... 2 13
PPA for Attila Hammer Personal repository for Belin (special version of Ubuntu distr... 18 192
Qt Webkit Kiosk browser This is simple browser application written on Qt & QtWebkit. ... 3 8
Thunar 1.6.10+patch1 (2016-09-07) ***UPDATED (2017-09-07)*** [ENGLISH/INGLÊS] THIS PPA IS DEPREC... 1 21
entropybroker Entropy Broker is an infrastructure for distributing cryptogra... 1 15
UNetbootin PPA UNetbootin is a cross-platform ut... 1 42
Apache HBase Distributed, scalable, big data store. Use Apache HBase when y... 1 1
Apache Storm Packaging for Apache Storm distributed realtime computation sy... 1 2
Apache Zookeeper Apache ZooKeeper is an effort to develop and maintain an open-... 1 11
Bang Linux A PPA repository for the bang! Linux Distribution 7 7
I2P Packages Within this PPA are packages of I2P and Syndie for use with Ub... 3 63
Launchpad PPA for konoha-0.5 packages PPA for konoha-0.5 package distribution. 11 11
Odemis proposed First stage PPA for testing packages before full distribution. 9 82
PPA for Electric Sheep The FLAM3 rendering engine and the Electric Sheep distributed ... 2 4
Panto Experimental tools Repo ██████╗ █████╗███╗ ██████████╗██████╗ ██╔══████╔══██████╗ █... 20 25
Python packages Theses packages fill the gap that exists between pypi packages... 9 49
Quassel A modern, cross-platform, distributed IRC client, meaning that... 1 8
Salt Depends This PPA contains packages that are required to build and run ... 4 59
Stable Release Support backported packages for stable releases (mainly LTS releases).... 30 137
Staging PPA for fixes-1 mythtv This is the building PPA for the fixes-1 branch. If you are ad... 1 52
arm-security onion Security Onion Network as a sensor ARM builds for IDS (Intrusi... 69 96
cocaine Cocaine is your personal app engine. Technically speaking, it’... 9 27
dcc Distributed Checksum Clearinghouses 1 3
elemental releases Elemental is a distributed-memory library for (arbitrary-preci... 1 2
gearman The C implementation of the gearman distributed job server. 1 21 Ubuntu package for HFM.NET - Client Monitoring Applic... 1 6
megacron Distributed Cron Replacement 1 1
nsq A realtime distributed messaging platform 1 10
prime_server A non-blocking (web)server API for distributed computing and S... 5 42
shlac ShLAC - [SH]lac [L]ike [A]s [C]ron (Distributed and concurrenc... 1 1
shlanc [SH]lanc [L]ike [A]s [N]ot [C]ron (Distributed and concurrency... 1 1
ssmrandom SSM (Source Specific Multicast) entropy distribution, cf http:... 1 2
Aacraid Drivers This PPA is to distribute latest aacraid drivers from Microsem... 1 6
Advanced Comic Book Format Advanced Comic Book Format (ACBF) specification is a distribut... 2 22
Agros2D Agros2D is a multiplatform C++ application for the solution of... 1 12
AllTray PPA This PPA houses builds of AllTray for various Ubuntu distribut... 3 13
Ape's custom packages Sometimes I can't find the package I am looking for or I might... 6 17
Artha ~ The Open Thesaurus A personal package archive for distributing the latest debian ... 1 4
Asix AX88179 kernel module *** These packages are not maintained any longer. ... 1 3
Asterisk 13 LTS Latest Asterisk LTS build for xenial This version of Asterisk... 2 30
Asymptote This PPA strives at providing a more recent build of asymptote... 1 14
AutoG Autog is aimed at increasing the productivity of the grader. I... 1 4
Autopilot 1.4 packages This PPA contains packages for the 1.4 version of autopilot. T... 5 29
BUC Customizer BUC Customizer ============== Description ----------- Handy t... 1 4
BackBox Linux PPA BackBox Linux - Flexible Penetration Testing Distribution 9 9
BackBox Linux v1 (deprecated) Free and Open Source Penetration Testing Distribution - https:... 48 57
BackBox Linux v2 (deprecated) Free and Open Source Penetration Testing Distribution - https:... 56 102
BackBox Linux v3 (deprecated) Free and Open Source Penetration Testing Distribution - https:... 108 155
BackBox Linux v4 (deprecated) Free and Open Source Penetration Testing Distribution - https:... 64 120
BackBox Linux v5 (stable) Free and Open Source Penetration Testing Distribution - https:... 29 56
BeLin testing repository BeLin hungarian distribution testing repository 21 116
Blender A revival of Irie Shinsuke's PPA: Blender is compiled with all... 20 233
Boost Backports Backports of the latest Boost releases, packaged for all recen... 3 321
Build Dependencies for Neo@NHNG's PPA This PPA contains packages that are needed as build dependenci... 1 2
CI support packages for Tectonic Tectonic builds on Travis CI using Xenial Xerus, but requires ... 2 9
Chromograph The project tries to implement basic functionality to graph ch... 1 7
Cinnamon Stable PPA Considering the lack of an Utopic Cinnamon PPA, I decided to b... 29 114
Community Tools Tools developed in OEM Services that are publicly distributed ... 5 26
Consul Consul is a tool for service discovery and configuration. Cons... 1 2
Custom package for Fairphone 2's Ubuntu touch This PPA contains packages which are tested and distributed (i... 5 94
Cybernux OS Packages for Cybernux OS, which is based on Ubuntu. Cybernux O... 10 32
DICOM Support This PPA helps streamline DICOM support on Debian distribution... 2 6
DNS Stats Collector DNS Statistics Collector (DSC) is a tool used for collecting a... 6 30
Dev Snapshots Daily unstable development snapshot packages for testing on su... 1 13
Development High-energy and nuclear physics packages for current head. Th... 1 20
175 of 1218 results