Personal Package Archives for Ubuntu

16 of 6 results
PPA name Description Sources Binaries
Bootstack Trusty Mitaka PPA Fixes required for running Mitaka on Trusty with ARM64 compute... 2 30
Crack test packages Don't use the packages here. They are created by me, for me to... 18 218
EFI testing I build packages here meant to be used for booting in EFI -- t... 16 461
Linaro Kernel PPA Archive for the kernel packages produced by the Ubuntu Package... 24 112
scalingstack-arm64-infra-workarounds Packages we need in BOS01 ScalingStack to work around issues 8 87
scalingstack-bos02-arm64-infra-workarounds Packages we need in BOS02 ScalingStack to work around issues w... 7 84
16 of 6 results